Monday, May 20, 2013

life lately: papa & his band of chickens

life has been someone begging to facetime with papa [aka grandma shell], only so she can take him out to visit the chickens [anyone else have kids with this much tenacity at such a young age? seriously, he remembers everything and never, ever gives up!]. 
 life has been daddy watching the baby while mom takes a much needed sunday nap- only to find these gems on dad's phone weeks later. it has been a very handsome and grumpy teething kid. come on last tooth! let me get this hell over with!!
 life is full of hats- hats he wouldn't wear when it was weather appropriate but now we've got weather in the 70s, he's never without a headpiece [even if it's a blanket he pulls over his head and calls it a hat].
 life has been a lot of reading time- including this 2012 album where these two pictures of papa trigger an hour long episode each time where he whines for papa and his chickens. notice no actual chickens are in the pictures. like i said, tenacious. *he also loves the picture of him with baby abby and loves to give her kisses as well*
life has been full of instructions for justin [when in fact, it's more like my reality. that kid does not like to cuddle but like most things in life, i can break down his will]. it's celebrating grandma shell. life has been running outside to our oasis in the desert. this is the one place i will miss from carson. 

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Caitlin said...

I love that Landon is obsessed with chickens, and I love that he had to face time grandma to see them. What a smart kid. I also love how he gives Abby kisses.

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