Friday, May 17, 2013

my favorite things: spring

spring has officially sprung in nevada! i am wearing flip-flops everyday [and landon hates his. i guess he's not a fan of things between his toes], our doors are propped open all the time and bathing suit shopping has begun. i feel like i just did my winter favorite things [which i did kind of late in the season - because winter didn't feel like winter until i was out of the 50 degree weather in vegas and into the snow in carson]. i love love love spring! it's my second favorite season [after fall] because it's warming up but not scorching hot. you still need to bundle up in the morning but can bask in the sunlight in the afternoon. bliss.

*ps - our book club is having another favorite things party but a summer edition. what should i bring?! i'm thinking old navy flip flops? maybe a face lotion? ideas?*

without any future ado - here are a few of my favorite spring things

big girl bra swimsuits - i used to be a eddie bauer only girl because they had semi-modest under wire bras. but their bras now include soft cups [no bueno] so i looked high and low to find these puppies. still not as modest as i'd like but really, when you've got the big girls i've got, it's hard to keep them covered.

my tan flip-flops - they've seen better days and are starting to crack but they have more arch support then normal flops so i lurv them all the same.

going without a/c - in the house i prop doors/windows open. in the car i roll the windows down. it's so nice to feel real air on my face. plus the money saved doesn't hurt either.

sinful collection nail polish - found at walmart. it's cheap and has tons of fantastic colors. granted, it doesn't stay any longer then others but who cares. i've become accustomed to chipped nails.

my mom's chicken salad sandwich & pasta salad - i've already made these and oinked on them for a week after. seriously heaven.

call the midwife - if you love downton abby you will love this show. it's seriously so good! and surprisingly graphic for pbs. you don't see bits or anything but you know where those bits are, if that makes sense. it's soooo good! this has nothing to do with spring other then the fact that i watched it in the spring. check netflix!

the great outdoors! in vegas you hibernate in the summertime so in the spring we hike, we go to baseball games, or we go to the park. i love just walking around and hearing birds chirp and landon loves scanning the air for airplanes [seriously, he has supersonic ears. he'll ear one then instantly start scanning the sky].

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Caitlin said...

Its funny landon hates his flip flops. Abby hates her toes messed with. I tried to try on a pair of flops on her and she didn't even let me. Also, she loves hearing airplanes too and stops what she is doing to look. its like our kids are doing the _____ thing at the ____ time! Soulmates-like us.

Kari said...

I'm glad someone else watches Call the Midwife besides me! LOVE that show. And I love spring too. And my son has super-sonic airplane hearing too. We're twinners as Lydia would say.

Hooray for spring!

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