Monday, May 27, 2013

life as it was: last day in carson

i would call this life lately but it's not - it's life as it was. today i am driving home with my mother in law. vegas here i come! it's going to be fantabulous [and watch, i get home and want to go back to carson.... no wait, that can't happen]. so enjoy my old life as i drive to my old-new one!

life was finding some nice camo lingerie- for all my cedar city guy friends. i hope your wives find these. it's been having a famous husband on a hulu commercial. it's been a silly boy with a squishy face who likes to draw on the pavement.
 life was landon pulling out everything i pack, including his old jacket - and wanting to wear it backwards. it was getting landon's cloth swim diaper and loving it! it's been a booger picking boy who insists on eating them or trying to get me to eat them. where does he get this from??
 life was a night together out as family and finally getting a picture with my sailor - a real feat. it's been a yogurt headed boy who loves his choo-choos. it's been going to the train museum for the last time and landon wanting to ride every single one of them [fact: none of them work].
 life was landon hiding behind the shower curtain, just to pee on it [i think we're going to throw that away...]. it was landon wearing mommy's hair ties as bracelets and mommy babysitting kenzie. landon loves babies and she did not want anything to do with him. it has been many, many facetimes with grandma shell to see her chickens - what a trooper my mom is.
 it was starting to box up our crap and hating moving. it's been hanging out in his truck and loving the reagaeton on pandora and thinking i was a spanish rapper in another life.
 it was a quick and spontaneous trip to virginia city and seeing these tiny little rail cars and giggling with joy. it's been thinking this would be a great little city for my dad to live with with his junk.
life was facetiming with a stinky little kindergarten graduate. it was oinking out on bacon for mother's day and loving my boys all the much more.

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Caitlin said...

Yahoo for no longer living in Carson! Yay!

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