Wednesday, May 29, 2013

the time aunt ninzey came to visit

as hard of a time i have been having in carson, i knew i could get through the last month because friends and family were coming to visit! aunt lynsey is going to optometry school in houston and getting married in august. she is quite the busy gal this year! she wanted to see landon since he has changed so much since christmas [hello vocabulary!] so she came out last week for a few day visit. we were MORE then ecstatic to have some company, even if it was to have someone to do nothing with us.

she got in bright and early tuesday morning [and by bright and early, i mean stormy and rainy. it has been such a dry and lovely warm winter this year. so of course it decides to pour the days she decides to come visit]. since she got in so early, we killed time by going to eat at peg's in reno [giant pancakes! delicious!] then headed i took her to scheels to view the dead animals. we had to do something indoors and landon loves animals so it was a natural choice. after which we picked up my wedding ring [all the way in sparks! bfe!] then came home for naps. justin was able to sneak away for lunch so we met him at red's and had some delicious sandwiches. after that he gave lynseys the capital tour of the legislative building and capitol. it was lots of fun for her to see where justin works and to see how big of a dealio he is. thankfully the raining eased up long enough for us to see it all. that night we met some family friends at the mexican joint in town and had tons of fun laughing and eating.

the next day was definitely more low key. lynseys slept in late so landon and i had a lovely morning playing and going on a run. he had woken up butt early at 5am so he took an early and short nap. since he had napped so early we decided to take a chance with the weather and go visit tahoe for lunch. we had only driven through tahoe, never stopped so i was super excited. the water in the lake doesn't warm up - ever- but is only tolerable in august. we found some delicious sandwiches then trespassed to nevada beach [technically the beaches are closed til may 17] and hung out there for a while. so amazing! so gorgeous! the water is so blue and the mountains are so beautiful. the sand is so much nicer then normal beach sand because it's tons of tiny rocks that don't cling as much. we just hung out on the shore and landon had fun throwing fists full of sand into the water and even sampled it. afterwards we headed home and had a low-key night together [justin was supposed to get away for us to have a date but work got in the way]. landon actually got a high fever late afternoon so he was quite lethargic and sad.

thursday lynsey watched landon so i could go do a session at the temple. it's been my goal to go once a month this year and so far so good. i knew it would be my last time in the reno temple so that was special. i love small temples! every other time i've gone the sessions are never full, like 5 ladies and 3 men. this time it was completely full! 20 women and 10 men. it's so nice seeing so many people enjoy the temple! landon was feeling much better by the time i got home [darn teeth!] so after lunch we visited the children's museum for him to play on the train table. after that we came home so i could get freshened up for a date.... which never happened. once again, work got in the way. so lynsey and i got more time alone [poor lyns- we really are so boring here]. her flight got delayed [and she was the last flight out that night] so she left when landon went down to bed. it was so much fun to have company here, even if it was to just sit with me and do nothing. it just sucks he got a fever and it was rainy! my friend holly is coming next week so i'm praying for better weather and circumstances for her visit.
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