Friday, May 31, 2013

life lately: see you NEVER carson city!

life - sigh - has been  hard. i really got depressed the last few weeks being in carson city. i am so thankful for justin's job but coming up to carson is hard for me. having no friends, no family, no babysitters [seriously - i ask people all the time and no one EVER says yes. we haven't had time alone since january], nothing to do, and no husband/dad time - it really just hit me hard the last few weeks. so this is all we did to keep ourselves busy. 

life lately has finally been visiting the love on the leash program at the library [carson's library doesn't have much, and i mean, it's really pretty scant in it's resources but this program is the bee's knees]. twice a month you can come and read to a service dog and get a free book. landon really loved running around, getting right in the dog's face and saying 'puppy! dog! puppy!'. he was in heaven and i couldn't wait to put purell on my hands.
 life has been a lot of time stuck in his room for lack of better options - it's also been landon trying to dress up mommy in his shoes then climbing into his bucket [remind anyone else of a hot tub? just us zobrist kids?]. life has been hoping/waiting/praying for the arrested development episodes to come out!
 life has been spending a lot of time outside on our porch, riding his car the two feet of patio we have and coloring the sidewalk. it's been trying to find airplanes in the sky or creepily staring at our neighbors through the fence or by staring at the window in mom's room. it's also been new jammies that are just too long for this short kid.
 life has been morning scripture studies as a family [he will grab his scriptures, bring over a blanket and put it in his lap and 'reading' about jesus. seriously melts my heart]. it's been hanging out outside anytime we can, even if it's in 2 inches of water [from mom's bathroom trash can then carried outside because we have no spicket] and swimming in his pool.
 it's been running around naked as a jay bird and mom wondering how his bits aren't being burned by the plastic. it's riding his wheels out front as we pass the long afternoon hours staring at our neighbors and praying puppies or motorcycles [or papa bikes, as landon calls them] ride by. life has bee landon finding a starter wand and mom hoping he has the magical genes. it's also been mom being a sucker and giving landon candy to get through the long morning hours [the only hours that aren't long here are nap time and lunch time].
 life has been receiving messages from the future melissa and being disappointed future melissa doesn't have more interesting things to say. it's been a cranky, cranky baby as the last of his teeth [before the molars] come in and mom wanting to rip her hair out. tantrums, hour naps and waking up at 5am is not for me! life has been plenty of park days and discovering that landon is still afraid of tubes.
 life lately has been picking wildflowers [read: weeds] at the park and mom teaching him how to blow the whites ones then him trying to blow on every flower he meets. it's been plenty of time at the children's museum's train table so mommy can have 15 minutes of quiet time. it's been an adorable little butt crack and proving to justin that q-tips are in fact, not meant for ear use.
 life has been playing at our gym class and being the only kid there for more then half the time. but really enjoying the last minute where the teacher has the kids run around in a circle - honestly, he LOVES it! it's been senor bucket head taking his truck for a ride [the same bucket i use to throw away bathroom trash and fill up his pool. mother of the year right here!].
 and lastly [whew! this has been a long post! i take pictures when i'm bored], life lately has been shopping and spending lots of time spending daddy's money when we're bored. it's been landon finding the puppy at old navy and deciding to ride him the whole time we were there. it's finding ted's boots and wondering if boys are pull off red cowboys boots. it's been my little monster wearing his hats in 70 degree weather and being so thankful i get to spend every minute of every day with my baby.
see you never carson! i will not miss you!
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Kari said...

Hooray! You made it and you get to leave. It's good to see someone make it through the rough times. Landon is adorable :)

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