Monday, June 11, 2012

our visit to the dirt garden

many ask me- melissa, what's it like growing up in the barren wastelands of death & hell-like temperatures of las vegas. i'll tell you- it's horrible. except the wonderful weather 8 months out of the year. you have a continual tan, can get away with flip flops as fancy wear and celebrities are a dime a dozen [almost like seeing maury povitch in nyu- reference anyone?]. anyways one thing vegas lacks is greenery.
thus our dirt garden. of which we are very proud of. it's not thanksgiving point but it's ours none the less. actually the springs preserve is more then a dirt garden, it's museums WITH a dirt garden. my favorite ben & emily are in town so we took advantage of the cool weather [93 degrees! how wonderful!]. it's ridiculous that i've never been there- well worth the $10 admission [and the $60 annual pass when landon is old enough].
we spent most of our times indoors- first starting off with a show on snakes that talked about the differences between venom & poison- with even a nice joke about the band poison. landon loved it so much he passed out at the beginning. we took a nice ride on the train, looked into the belly of the beast & even hitched a ride on a garbage truck.

it was so much fun getting out and experiencing new things. honestly we could have spent all day at the   preserve but four hours was plenty as well. i'd honestly like to go there alone so i could take the time to read everything. but not everyone could party as hard as we did.

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Caitlin said...

How I Met Your Mother. Just watched that one. Soo funny.

And I'm surprised you let Landon in the mouth of that giant snake. I thought after fighting the Basilisk and then having to kill Nagini, you had a fear of snakes, both living and dead. I know I STILL have dreams about them. The fact that at one point or another we were both in the basilisks mouth like Landon just creeps me out.

PS: could you find even with that snake immobile, you could still speak Parseltongue? Score!

PPS: Totally jealous of all your fun days.

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