Sunday, June 3, 2012

turn off the boob tube & read: the maze runner

lets see if i can get through one post without mentioning the small, bald genetic combination of justin & i....we'll see...

i have recently started a book club with my girlfriends from the ward and let me tell you, it is so much fun- can't believe what i was missing. for some reasons, whenever i thought of book clubs i pictured oprah & gayle sitting around in velor jogging pants reading 'the joy luck club'. not very appealing. my friend meghan was in one in her ward but it was gossipy and full of old ladies who were not in the same place as she was so i thought my friends would be great to start one with. oh how right i was.

since it was my idea, i picked the first book. i yearned to pick the uglies series or the host [it makes twilight hang its head in shame- its the only book i've ever cried over. not even hp did that to me] or even the wedding [my FAV n. sparks book] but i thought i'd pick a book i'd been dying to see. everyone whose anyone on pinterest has seen the list of books to cure your hunger games hangover and this topped the list. having not even read the synopsis on wikipedia i picked it and ordered my copy from the library. holly got the book first and was instantly smitten so i was full of anticipation. but once i got my copy, i wasn't craving it like i normally do.

here's the premise: thomas wakes up plopped in a maze with dozens of other teenage boys whose memories have been wiped. the maze is full of nasty creatures called grievers who come out at night once the gate's close around their camp. they've created their own society of farmers, ranchers, cooks, and such-- but the most important job is the maze runners who run the maze, attempting to find a way out but the walls rearrange themselves at night- and its been 2 years with no success. all of a sudden life changes when a girl shows up saying their time is coming to an end-- and the game ensues.

granted, i hate suspense and almost always read ahead to the ending or look it up on wikipedia- so i knew where it was going but i couldn't grasp onto this. it seemed darker then the hunger games [don't understand why? maybe bc there wasn't a love story] and the language was quite confusing at first- but so is the host's. so i didn't love it but i'm completely compelled to read the other two books in the series. [a prequel is coming out soon too- THAT would be interesting].

yo gurrrlll- i think they got themselves a fancy
club of ladies reading books & such- let's go!
there's also a movie in the works for 2014 [classified as 'in development' on imdb], directed by catherine hardwick- aka the lady who did twilight numero uno. i hope the movie adaptation is more harry potter #3 and less eragon [THAT's a great book series- except the last one. couldn't suffer through it].

honestly, i had the best time ever saturday gabbing away with my girlfriends. eating some delicious food, gossiping and even spending some time actually talking about the book was just fabulous. next month's book has yet to be announced but i'm currently reading a book the same holly suggested- 'the pact'- and even though i know how it ends, i'm enthralled. i guess my literary taste buds crave romance a tad more then a post-apocalyptic tale of pubescent boys.

oh and landon pooped in the bathtub last night and had been playing with a pile of it before i caught him- then grabbed me in terror when i turned the water on to wash him off. yaaaa me.
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Kari said...

I've read the whole series and while I liked the Maze Runner, I too thought it was a little drawn out in the suspense and took awhile to adjust to the language. I do have to say that I LOVED the second one. It really is worth reading so don't give up. It's one of my favorite books. And since you'll probably look up stuff about it anyways, I wasn't the biggest fan of the final one. It was a good read but didn't deliver what I was looking for to wrap up the series.

Despite all that, I still really enjoy this series and hope the movie isn't going to destroy the books, especially if the director is the same one that did the first twilight.

Caitlin said...

I haven't read these books, but if it's the same director as Twilight, I'm never going to see it. She messed up that book.

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