Saturday, June 2, 2012

you'd never know i am a city girl

did you know i'm a city girl? i am- through and through. i hate the smell of manure [who does? anna's friend tracey that's who], i despise animals [except cats- which aren't pets; they're fluffy best friends] because they make my hands dirty and i believe the great outdoors should come climate controlled and bug free. oh, and shaded. just- don't-like-it. i love goin on walks though...weird.

anyways my preferences didn't fit too well in my family. i grew up on a farm-- as farmy as you can get in vegas. we regularly had more then four dogs, a cat, goats, cow, horses, pigs, chickens, turkeys, fish, snakes, lizards, spiders, guinea pigs, hamsters, donkeys-- we had it all [you can see why i pity you stone]. life was pretty much doctor doolittle for us- and i didn't like it. well, i enjoyed feeding the horses at night. because my dad would hide candy bars in the hay trailer.

so you can see why me visiting two different zoo-ish type places in a week is pretty weird. this time i went with my mom friends to gilcrease animal sanctuary. again, i'm born and raised in vegas but had never visited this place. it was so much fun! and only $5! my friend mentioned going to the farm and orchard but i had recently read on my hs friend's blog that she went to the sanctuary too so we ended up going there [the farm & orchard were closed on a wednesday at 11- weird].
miss charlotte & landon- he literally sat up like this the whole time. didn't want to miss a second.
i just love that top left pic- miss haddie looking at the birds. landon and me- but he couldn't take his eyes off the birds
for once second. good never to trust a bird.
gaggles of ducks. and scary ostriches.

after a lovely picnic in the dirt park [literally- a giant retention type basic with just rocks. and cactus. and dog poo] near the sanctuary, we paid our $5 and walked around the place, slowly dying with heat, but basking in the misters. there were LOADS of birds, which fascinated the babies. there were also tons of ducks, just quacking around the place like they owned it. whenever we'd see an animal, i'd make the noise [quack! squawk! chirp! gloop-gloop! [fish sounds] oink! baaa! neigh! hip-hop (the sound bunnies make)] the animal makes and landon would look at me like ' CRAZY! they don't sound anything like that!. we had so much fun looking at the birds, ducks, pigs, peacocks, mini-horses, llamas, donkeys, goats, koi, ostriches, geese....well not so much the geese. i'm pretty emotionally scared from my sister's unfortunately butt to beak incident. they seriously follow you around like you've got skittles in your pocket!! didn't help that i did.

all the kids were pretty tuckered out from the heat/nap time by the time we rounded about but i def want to go back- there's even an amphitheatre and picnic area! i just had so much fun- despite my severe hatred of animals. i guess i can live with seeing them from afar. esp for landon's sake- he just loves animals.

and the slurpees after didn't hurt one bit.
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Caitlin said... grew up with a cow, and still thought they were made of leather?

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