Wednesday, May 30, 2012

baby update: who knew teeth would be the hardest thing to grow?

whozahs! when did my baby get to be...NOT a baby? 8 months is almost double the time he spent in my belly. granted, i'm not a huge fan of the baby stage, i love this pre-pre-pre-toddler one much more. he is such a hoot! i find myself laughing at him all the time. dude's got some chops.

poundage: 20ish
sooo happy in the tub - parking it up - sleep with mommy in our chair - dancing with daddy @ cinco de mayo
his favorite things: anything he shouldn't [see below]. he LOVES keys- and anything to do with my breast pump- cord, module, bottle/boob sucker attachment. must be because he never actually got the nip bc of the shield so he's made a sad attachment to plastic, poor guy. he also loves his daddy more then anything in the whole world- no joke. he loves going outside- and just going out of the house. if we don't go out one day, he sure makes his feelings known. landon loves his puffs [the little carboholic- like his mama] and books. think hymn books- he just loves to flip through the pages. which is great for church until you try to take it away and he throws a massive fit. oh, and baby einstein is baby crack people- buy stock in bulk. he also loves to 'stand up' with the help of daddy.
tolerating the pool - sipping through a straw - wearing his leggins like a balla - his gfs

what landon hates: alot of things. dude is quite temperamental. he hates baby food since his toothlet has made its appearance. he hates getting things taken away from him. not a huge fan of the word 'no' or of not being held.
packing for utah - laughing on the lawn - drinking aunt shannon's water - rolling under the bed
what landon can do: get around! my little booda bear can roll, bear crawl, and military crawl. his favorite way is to lift up his legs while smooching his face into the carpet and slowly grab at the carpet to pull himself forward. chubby little gangster can't really lift up his hips [another blessed characteristic from his mama], an important trait in crawling. he can eat puffs like no ones business, drink frmo a sippy cup/normal cup/straw like a balla, and reach up to hands when you say 'up'.
hanging out on the lawn - cute as can be for church - the little rebel - slllowwwlly falling alseep at the banana
what we're working on: picking up our hips and crawling, pulling himself up, sleeping past 8am AND sleeping through the night [i usually have to feed a screaming, rabid landon at 6am so he will sleep another hour and a half], baby sign language for food and milk. not peeing through our clothes...which is really mommy's thing to work on- those penis' are tricky! growing teeth.
a non-crying moment during lunch - love our daddy - eating paper - his new favorite sport
foods things he's oinked: puffs, graham crackers, frozen apples, frozen bananas, strawberries, drawer-knobs, flip flops, computer cords, breast pump & cord, trash can foot pedal, keys, any type of paper. oh and door stoppers.

how mommy is doing: quite drown-trodden actually. landon seems to be taking teething pretty fact, he takes life pretty hard. he is just a fussy little guy- my mom describes it as a big boy spirit in a little boy body and he gets so frustrated that he can't do the things he wants to. sometimes i wish i could have a baby that is sometimes easier to handle but at the same time, i wouldn't trade him for the world. i love that little guy so much- he will make me frustrated with his tantrums then when i go pick him up post-nap my heart melts and i completely forget how hard he was twenty minutes ago [yes- he only takes 3 twenty min naps a day]. he makes me complete. i just hope the next baby is a little easier or else i have a feeling we might have a smaller family then planned.

the boobs and me: i've decided to give up the milk on pumping. since i never 'truly' breastfed, i never got much milk. i exclusivly 'breast-fed' with a shield for 3 months but landon wasn't growing like he should so i had to start supplmenting...which lead to landon refusing to latch on because bf was hard enough to begin with- a bottle was much easier. so i've pumped- for 8 months. 6-8x a day. my boobs are like battlefields and are ready to throw in the bra. that, plus the fact i get almost nothing [less then an ounce a sitting], it wasn't worth the heartache for me and the neglect for landon. 8 months is good- i can live with that. and hopefully the problem i had this time i won't with my 2nd kid. today while lunching with my mom [see pic below] i saw a mom bf-ing her baby. at a fast food place. and i wanted to just stand up and start a slow-clap sequence to 'we are the champions] for her. seirously- go mom. not only does she bf, but she does it in public, a fast food place, with little to no fuss, very discretly. i could never accomplish this- bf always took an hour, a whole lots of tears & straining, at least 3 pillows, a cover, a shield, and some drama. every. 2. hours. i just stood in awe of the lady who could do it so fabulously. and to all the women who can. most of my friends [read: all but one] had serious issues with bf so it's nice to see something finally succeeding.
and so i creepily took a pic of her. not really, it was a pure coincidence but still pretty awesome.
hating all kinds of foods with teeth - lunching it with gma -  asleep at the banana - cute as can be
what we're looking forward to: more pool days! he has been in the pool a few times but only recently liked it last time so i'm hoping he'll keep getting better and better. he's looking forward to crawling and standing- i'm looking forward to having a little boy whose less sassy bc he's more mobile. also a summer vacation [hopefully!] to big bear. oh, and the greatest day all year- 7-11 day where he will be wearing a matching slurpee tshirt with his mama and getting his first taste of the elixir of life.
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Caitlin said...

His little laugh under that basket is so cute!! It made me laugh too. He is such a handsome little fella, and so photogenic. You are a fantastic mother. The fact you persevered to still pump even when you didn't get that much is awesome.

Seriously, Landon just keeps getting cuter every day. Miss you guys!

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