Monday, May 28, 2012

the wild adventures at the orchard

what did you guys do today? oh how fun. us? we went apple picking at an orchard. and then later lunched on our yacht with some friends from the club. not really, but doesn't an orchard just sound fancy? i've always heard of gilcrease orchard but never went until this weekend. justin sugested it friday night because i was dying of boredoom so we went early saturday morning and had a ball!

the orchard was nice and big- you could drive in or walk, picking whatever foods you want. we didn't get anything but it was fun to walk in and let landon pet the plants.

the real fun was at the farm - which really shouldn't be considered. my house has more animals then that place but it was still cool. landon was absolutly terrified of all the animals and clung to us like seran wrap. mini chickens were running amuck and one ran right by landon and me and he FREAKED. it was hilarious! and slightly smelly but all worth it for these great pics.

landon was too worried about the GIGORNMOUS rabbit below this fellow- see next pic

world's biggest rabbit i swear!

justin loved the smell

landon clinging to daddy for dear life - but he couldn't decide if he wanted to run away from them  or not bc he kept turning back to look at them

a mini horse itching its butt on the gate - hey fella, we've all been there

we were only there maybe less then 20 minutes but it was still fun to see it all. hopefully once he's bigger he will enjoy it more.

oh and we voted today.
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Caitlin said...

Fun! I want to go to an orchard!! For only being there 20 min, you sure got a lot of pictures. Looks like it was a days worth of fun stuff!!

Kari said...

We went to a farm this weekend too! Not a fancy orchard looks beautiful!

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