Friday, May 25, 2012

life lately: my fabulous house, a toothlet, and my culinary creations

a traveling baby with his giraffe, SURPRISE! my fancy new laundry cabinets *one of give surprise gifts from my husband upon arrival from the worst vacation ever*, SURPRISE! my fancy new closet, thanks pinterest for giving me this idea of oven-raking tortillas to make shells that taste nast, a grumpy baby, and SURPRISE! my fancy new garage cabinets.
my favorite new app- the hairdryer, which got much use in utah, seeing my mom driving to the temple and following her for miles, honking & yelling to a blind & dead lady, a toothlet, baby tanner & landon's playdate, a crawling baby, landon & his mema's pearls, and my fancy breadbowls.

life is good.
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