Wednesday, June 13, 2012

what i love lately

things i love as of lately
*like the color pink, i love the color pink*

garages - how in the world did i park outside for 8 years of my driving career? never again

the big bang theory - sheldon's slurpee vs icee debate just reconfirms what i've been saying for years

swimming pools - life should be spent naked and bathing suits are as close as society will let me go

my family - sometimes i can't stand them but i can really enjoy them in small doses. autumn & her kids are already here so we're already brainstorming all the fun things we can do.

smores - i remember this time last year i was obsessed with smores but alas, we had an electric stove in carson city. took me the whole 4 months to figure out you could cook smores on an electric stove. this week i've probaly had almost 5...they're delicious.
out of all the useless appliances i have [quesadilla maker and perfect brownies, as an example], this is the coolest
yoga - i've loved yoga for years but since pulling an muscle on my p90x cardio x dvd i've devleoped a newfound love for all things stretching.

scramble with friends - i liked words with friends, until i got too competative [aka i lost a lot]. family feud was awesome until it gave me a bazillion reminders to play. this was a happy medium- don't even notice when i lose.

things i hate as of lately
*like the color orange- i hate the color orange*

budgets - justin & i recently wrote down the finances & decided to live more frugally to save more money. meaning grocery, eating out, slurpees, golf, life- everything is now down to the penny. and its the worst.

lady doctors- really, why are routine visits needed? i had the ability to grow a uterus and run it quite smoothly for 25 years. in fact, i produce an offspring. and now i have to go once a year to make sure the pipes are working? isn't that what my monthly visit from my aunt enough of a reminder already? i would refuse to go but she's taunting me with the anti-baby pills. so.... worth it.

pants that don't have elastic - i wish every profession allowed people to work in scrubs. not that my professional attire [yoga pants, a stretch out t and a 5 year old sports bra] is all that bad...just saying.

teeth - why oh why should you be so hard to grow?! and to emerge from the gums??! WHY!

oh- on another unrelated note - i'm going to another ball this weekend. how bossum is that? quite bombtastic. i got my ross dress [$35!] within 5 minutes of being in the store. sometimes justin's job is quite boss. he works so hard so it's nice to have some fun things to do. but honestly, i have the hardest job of all. being arm candy is not quite as fun when you have a flabby mommy tummy and the appetite of a 17 year old boy. hence the p90x.

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Kari said...

I love the Big Bang Theory as well. BAZINGA! I could laugh all night.

Also, I'm sure you'll look great in your new dress :) Have a fantastic time at the ball!

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