Monday, June 18, 2012

i'm a balla'

father's day makes me quite sad - for various reasons, so instead of father's i'll talk about husbands! my hunky guy and i went to a fabulous ball this past weekend. i actually shouldn't call it a ball because that would imply that it was fancy. it was, but def not what i was expecting. justin's political job gets us invites to many prestigious events. and by prestigious, i mean state senators are often there. then i can talk endlessly about "the senator and i" and "when i was talking to the senator"....hopefully one day i can be half as cool as mrs. state senator angela.

soooo back on topic- saturday was a fancy day full of events. in the morning there was a breakfast landon and i passed on but for lunch, we went to a bbq at team nv, the rnc's hq for mr. mr [get all that? nevada, republican national committee, headquarters, mister, mitt romney]. it was super fun because we got to see some old carson friends. plus you know i can't say no to a hot dog, or five. but what really put this event over the top was WHO was at the event. now, i don't want to toot my own justin's horn or anything but he rubs elbows with some fancy people. including this guy.

actually, landon and i more then rubbed elbows. landon pawed his face. and his mrs's face. and even licked him. the poster of him actually.... it was landon's favorite thing to do. once we got our food we sat down in the back and played with some other kids- kids of a candidate. and the candidate was the shark's son. for everybody who doesn't know anything, jerry tarkanian, aka the tark, aka tark the shark was a great rebel's bball coach back in the day. justin considers him one of the world's best coaches ever- he did lead the rebels to a national championship. anyways he's super old now and his son is running. he's basically justin's idol- its actually kind of ridiculous. justin and i sat down across from him at lunch and justin was too shy to ask him for a picture--kept putting it off. eventually he got called to work business and by the time the tark was leaving justin was still mia so i braved the legend for a picture.

and to think, i was THISCLOSE to dressing landon in rebel gear that morning. should have had him sign landon's rebel hat that was in the car.

anyways that night we attended a black and white soiree at the gold coast. the irelanders were gracious enough to babysit our monster [who was literally a monster when we left- he screamed for an hour and was still when we left]. we arrived 30 minutes late to the open bar....which seemed a little too early for the crowd. maybe i've been too spoiled but this party was hilariously sad. the crowd was littered with walkers with tennis balls, bouffants, & overlined red lips. oh, and one overstuffed madam in a cherry red evening gown with hair as high as a kite with bright matching feathers to boot. did i mention this was a black and white party? i wish diddy was there to bounce her from the pad. oh, and guess who ended up sitting next to her at our table? oh the irony.

justin and i quickly escaped to walk the casino floors- only to discover that the place was as big as a walmart [with less things to look at] and that this place could not be trusted. their cocktail waitresses were wearing comfortable shoes. COMFORTABLE SHOES! think inch thick mary janes. the disgrace. we got back in time for dinner and the introduction of the celebrities prestigious dignified members of the political society people with titles....which included my handsome guy! dinner was pretty good, dessert was better. after dinner the lead lady got up to start the night--- and proceeded to do a two-then-quickly-turned-one-woman-inaudible-karaoke turn to "i've got a feeling"....odd. then the dance floor opened up and my heart almost died. it was the funniest and saddest thing ever. i was bursting at the seams--until i had to admire the geriatric crowd. i love that they were so carefree, so uninhibited. i esp loved one of the gigantic ladies who first hugged us when we came in [never seen her before in our life] ate it terribly on the floor in her 5 inch stripper heels- poor lady.
the door prize- bc nothing says prize like a signed of pink underwear from a no-body sherriff.
did i mention a tall old dude came out modeling these on top of his suit and had some other old lady tape them off of him? gross
the venue 
my hubby budha
i'm rubbing our bellies
excuse my myspace photo but i wanted a good pic of my fanciness - so deal, i'm fabulous like that
one of these waiters looks less then happy
who WOULDN'T want a fancy 80s reception here?

the red bird & us
honestly it was a great time out - i saw lots of old lady cleavage [a nice insight to my four years, give or take a child or two], a funny fellow who was dressed in all black with an ipod armband on dancing his heart out and i had lots of fun. i must say, i was a tad disappointed that the crimson mistress, aka my new bud, didn't bust a move out of the floor to 'lady in red' with her benefactor but that's life.

here's hoping i grow old with such grace & awesomeness.
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Anna Campbell said...

FYI the nobody Sheriff is Phx very own Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The TOUGHEST "or so he says" Sheriff in all of America! And those awesome pink undies are what you have to wear in tent city. AKA where prisoners have to wear pink underwear and live out in the desert.

Caitlin said...

You fancy lady you! All dressed up and looking gorgeous.

Jessica Stoneman said...

Cool phone case, totally jealous

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