Friday, June 28, 2013

happy daddy's day!

wow, this post is a little late but never the less, it's here. our father's day was quite exciting - we rode on elephants, dined at the top of the world, and danced naked under the moonlight.

oh dreams.

no we had a much chiller version of that. justin golfed the saturday before away with his boyfriend and was gone most of the day aka his version of heaven. sunday morning i made some delicious waffles that he enjoyed hours after they were made because he got to sleep in [which let's face it, every day is sleep in day for dad's]. after a crazy day at church [which is bound to happen when church time is right at lunch and nap time] we enjoyed a relaxing day with some delicious pulled pork burritos with angel food cake for dessert. that morning i had a mini crisis when i realized i only had green enchilada sauce when the recipe calls for red but thankfully a great friend stepped up and helped me in a bind.

as for gifts, justin got some fruit snacks [of course], a chiropractic exam/massage courtesy of groupon, another page in his father's day book [where i take hand prints/footprints/artwork along with a questionnaire] and matching ties for justin and landon. don't they look so handsome? too bad justin said the tie didn't match the suit [which he picked out after i gave him the tie....] and landon screams lately anytime i put something near his neck [his new favorite phrase is 'i don't like it'. he usually says this after eating half of some food then spits out pre-chewed food].

oh and i got this cute little bum flashing me. his full diaper fell off and he thought that was hilarious. so when i put on his new one, he took it off when i turned it around then ran around naked like he just escaped prison. hilarious. i am so thankful for these two men in my life.
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Kari said...

I LOVE the matching ties!! Oh my goodness I want to to that for my boys now!

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