Tuesday, June 25, 2013

what's in your fridge?

a while back ago, it was the cool thing to post a picture of your purse along with it's contents. show what kind of woman you are [in case you're curious- i'm a diaper/snacks/iphone arm band for gym/wallet/mint type of gal. nothing out of the ordinary. well i do have a disposable thermometer and landon's going out to eat place mat but that's normal right?]. well i think my fridge has a lot more to say about me then my purse does. my friend holly has said several times how she'll get so busy and forget to eat.


i plan my whole day around eating. i never miss a meal. even when i'm sick and food sounds gross, i still find something to put in my tummy. explains so much about my dress size... anyways here is my fridge and all of it's glorious contents.

and i know what you're thinking- really? you want me to read about your food? do you really think we are so lame and have nothing better to do? the answer is yes.

lucky for you i had just gone shopping today and dropped $150 or else you would be looking at blank space. top shelf we've got skim and whole milk along with my brita [which i use religiously] and an extra carton of eggs while we polish off the last. under that is a second brita [i really like brita people] along with some leftover spanish rice, strawberries, about 2 pieces of watermelon, chocolate whipped cream, waffles, pancakes, sour cream and grapes. under that is some lettuce, chicken that needs to be wrapped and frozen, and a nice and juicy watermelon to be cut.

nothing fancy in the cheese draw or crisper but that pan you see almost housed our best bites cafe rio pork burritos and they were fantastic. oh and the bottom drawer is full of chocolate chips, batteries and medicine.

my door has nothing exciting to offer- pedialite, butter, ketchup and apple sauce [we eat a lot of apple sauce in this house].

my freeze i should be ashamed of. it's chaotic and more like what my fridge normally looks like. notice all the treats- magnum bars, ice cream sandwiches, chocolate mousse, chocolate chips. plus normal meat and veggies. what can i say? i'm into ice cream lately.

so that's the nitty gritty. what does my fridge say about me? i'd like it to say i love summer fruits and eat them all the time, along with my many, many treats. i love love LOVE water- because once you've had well water, nothing quite cuts it. maybe it says i need to throw out my expired sauces? yes it definitely says that. what does yours say about you?
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Caitlin said...

Yahoo a blog post. I've been missing them. I too like Brita water. Next time I am down there though, I will have to try this famous well water. Sounds delicious.

Kari said...

I think my fridge would say that I'm a healthy-eater wannabe that has no money...haha. Fun post!

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