Monday, June 17, 2013

uggghhh... blogging

for a narcissistic like myself, some of the best things in life is praise from strangers. especially when it's about something you love to do - which for me is writing. about myself. lately though, i have just not been up to it. i am faithfully blogstalking you, don't worry, but i myself have nothing good to write about. our life has been quite boring. quite blah. maybe i'm just feeling blah. who knows? writing here just feels like a chore that i don't want to do. luckily for you, i still like to take endless pictures of my little boy. so this is a life lately but only because i have nothing better to say. let's hope i gain some inspiration and enthusiasm for the written word again. because heaven knows you miss me.

life has been hanging out me grandma shell quite a bit before she leaves me for northern utah. landon especially loved playing in the dirt [about a minute after i took this picture he picked up that clay pot and smashed it to bits on the ground. oh boys]. life has been driving mommy's car and mommy giving up on her hair. i seriously have lost my will to do my hair lately as well- most days its up in a bun or braid. i think i'm just in a funk. life has been my sweet muffin hiding in our laundry basket and getting stuck. and it's been sweet frozen mogurt treats from shell.
 life has been a lot of train time and even more cereal time. he LOVES to fill his trailers up with cereal, wheel it around then eat a couple. little boys are just the funnest! it's been rides on papa's bike with a little boy who loves helmets. it's been a naughty little boy who thinks he has to sit at the bar now like a big boy, even though it scares mom to no end.
 life has been a naughty but smart little boy that somehow out-maneuvered the zip ties that help the fireplace closed. it's been park play dates that aren't done in the splash pad like mom wants but him climbing the gym but afraid to walk on it without holding onto something. it has been landon doing this with a laundry basket. life has been crafty as i made a double sided runner for my piano and loving having a house again.
 life has been a cranky cranky boy who just desperately wants mommy's hand [she's eating breakfast] so he can play the trains with her. then being upset that she won't let him climb on her lap and share her food [and by share, he means to make puddles with the milk]. it's been national donut day and a visit to krispie kremes and a delicious oreo filled donut for me. it's been landon literally falling into reading [he LOVES books] and deciding they can double as clothes.
 life has been a snuggly landon who just wants his animals around him at night. it's been a fabulous little boy who cried 'stuck!' then i found him intertwined with pearls. it's been a lot of happy nights with this adorable little boy. it's been a lot of fruit in season and landon begging for strawberries. i told him to go sit down to eat his fruit and found him in the baby chair.
 lastly, life has been landon loving to read. he loves loves loves his books and likes to take them into bed with him. it's been him falling asleep on the couch a whole hour early while i vacuumed the house. and lastly, it's been a poopy bathtub boy who did this one night and i was convinced he was making a make-shift potty. thankfully he did not. bath poop is the worst.

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Kari said...

I've been in a funk lately too. Hopefully we both snap out but it's hard when life gets crazy sometimes. I want to hear about reuniting with your hubby! I hope your date was fantastic. Also, Landon is one cute kid!

Caitlin said...

Bath poo is the worst. And Abby ALWAYS does it when sam isn't home. He is usually the one to bath her.

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