Tuesday, March 1, 2011

secret keeper

happy 100th post! with it comes a juicy piece of mel-gossip

i have never been much of a secret keeper [even when a fidelius charm is performed], just ask my family. i just like to talk and i especially like i gossip. not in a bad or harmful way [is all gossip bad?] but i like to tell others about exciting news in other people's lives. so sue me. ok don't sue me, that's besides the point. the point is,  i'm not much one for discretion, as you can probably tell by the fact i have a blog.

but i've kept a secret. and i've kept it for months. and it's killing me to stay quiet. but i feel like i can trust my faithful blogstalkers.  remember when i turned 25 and i made a list of 25 things i wanted to do before i turned 25. and #25 was a secret.  if you haven't noticed, the top of babies has been on mind as of lately. i told you it was great not to procreate, but i lied. i guest blogged on my bff8's blog - giving her pregnancy tips based on movies. i planned my pregnant-during-halloween outfitgave modern life lessons to parents,  and more the once, i cried baby. in fact, i've cried baby more often then i fbs. and i fbs alot.

well this girl who cried baby has learned her lesson. when you really pregnant, no one believes you. oh how the turn tables..... so yes, i melissa harrison am pregnant. my eggos are prego. i have cried baby my last time. i am knocked up, with child, and have been known by a man [in the biblical sense]. this lady baby is now going to have a baby, lady.
dueling with my two-tests

uncle keith - very excited as you can see
but don't worry, i don't expect you to believe me based on my word alone. we've all come to know i'm not trustworthy. in fact, when we told my mom she asked for the pee stick. i gave it to her, and she demanded another. i gave that to her and she decided that caitlin sent it to me for this cruel joke. in fact, i think she still might not believe me. a grandma can only take so much false hope before she starts getting skeptical. teryl [justin's mom] was much easier to convince. she instantly started calling our baby olive her grandbelly.

as of right now, i'm 12 weeks [or 3 months for those who hate the whole 'weeks' thing pregnant ladies do (cough- stonifer-cough)] along. and i honestly can't wait to start complaining in public. mostly bc justin is sick of me complaining just to him.

at our baby party justin's boyfriends threw us

so here is our list of suggested baby names from fellow friends & family members- we enjoy these so keep them coming. me & baby olive anticipate your submissions
-chubby [from nephew- age 9]
-flower [from neice - age 7]
-tyler [from nephew- age 7]
-optimus bumblebee [from nephew - age 4???ishhhh]
-firkin [from FIL]
-marly [justin- not likely. i don't want a girl named after a dog movie]
-unique [from past-melissa- ages 7-24]
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jade said...

i'm jealous.
and happy for you!

Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

Yayayayaya!! I'm so excited you posted this. You are almost officially official. Just has to be stated on FB. I love this post so much! Espeically the dueling pee sticks. Yay! Again, so happy for you pookles!!

Mike + Mo said...

YAY! Your on the baby wagon! WOot Woot! Complaining in public is the best!!! ;) (jk jk) I can't believe your already thru your first Trimester! You must have had it pretty easy...

ps. I will be pretty mad if this is a joke... I will post anti-kitty things to get you back!

Anna Campbell said...

Congrats on the 100th blog post! Oh yeah and the baby thing becoming public! Yeah for baby Optimus!! (and yes, he is 4)

Jared and Devin said...

yay! you've gone public. bring on niece/nephew #21!!!!! congratulations you guys!!! love you

Robin & David said...

Yayayayayayay! 2011 is the year to have babies! When is your due date? Wouldn't it be fun if our babies were in the same grade on school? So darn happy for you guys! I think you should name her olive, like what your calling her! (i have decided she's a girl.)

Sara said...

Yay!!!! Congrats!!

KinderTeach said...

I'm still calling the kid Tubaloth

Marissa said...

Congrats! How exciting!

Tami said...

Woo hoo! Babies really are great to have around! Here are some thing you can look foreword to:
People are a lot nicer to you in public places with a baby
You no longer have to set an alarm to wake you up
Free entertainment( okay NOT free, perhaps I should say personal entertainment)
You heart will grow at least 3 times it's normal size.

You are going to be a great mommy! So happy for you

Clint and Sarah Pickens said...

YAY!! Congrats Mel! I'm jealous! As for names... I choose...

Dora Whinifred Reid.

Ashleigh said...

YAYYYY! Congrats to you both!

And I vote you name it something that would fit well into the magical world it will be born into.

Maybe Neville for a boy and Luna for a girl? Or perhaps something more subdued like First name Griffin middle name Dore.

Just some suggestions.

So happy for you!

Laura Hendricks said...

boom baby! yeah congrats! that's great. name "it" OLIVE, duh!

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