Thursday, February 24, 2011

just a farm girl

with villa
as a self-proclaimed city girl, i always hated living on a farm. well, not always but once i hit puberty i for sure did. i grew up around chickens, turkeys, goats, pigs, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, lizards, snakes, spiders, cows, quail, a duck, horses.... i think that's all. sometimes i enjoyed them [riding the horses on saturday, smothering my cat with love, "feeding the horses"- aka, going out to the shed to eat treats with my dad] but other times, i despised it [shoveling horse poop, having a snake crawl up my drain while i was showering, or eating "chicken" which turned out to my pet pig spot]. i lived quite the traumatic life. but death was always apart of that life.

abby- with boo's head
when dogs died, we planted a tree over their body. when anna's horse died, we planned on putting a pool with a clear bottom over the top of him. and when anna's spider died under mysterious circumstances, we learned the many uses of windex. other times we just immortalized our beloved pets/dinner by planting a tree in their honor. when their body was not to be found [such as fluffy the cat's instance- he was twinkled], they got a statue. well death has once again struck the zobrist household, and this one hits a bit harder then the others.

abby was more like a daughter to my dad....probably more so then his real daughters [we've made peace with this]. she was a bordeaux, some fancy french kind. we got her while i was in hs. i remember i was going to rename her daisy but my dad was vehemently against it [i have a wonderfully awesome talent for renaming pets/people and having that stick. well, poo on my dad- he ended up naming his second dog daisy]. poor abby has been going downhill for a while- her hips gave out and would take longer to get up then grandma hurst. we all thought dad would take her out back and shoot her since she got so bad [we do this more often then you could imagine] but alas, she went out her way.

so here's a glimpse at animals of zobrist christmas past. some kicked the bucket, some had the bucket shoved over their heads- either way they were loved and are missed.

sammy - he was twinkled

don't know this horses' name. maybe missy?? yep that's little melissa!

fluffy - the world's best cat/best friend. twinkled.

creepy spider. death by windex, a hard way to go

villa - the world's best dog

dog [that's his name]. best dog a girl could have to walk her to the bus stop

couch [that's his name] my dad sold the horses and said my mom could get herself a leather couch with the money. well she did get a leather couch all right...

muffins. who i renamed boo. she's still kicking it in az

turkeys galore

one of villa's many, many, many liters of puppies
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KinderTeach said...

Thanks for doing this Mel! You are such a good daughter

Mike + Mo said...

Ok, I'm guilty. I read this post a couple days ago and didn't comment. BUT I have been thinking about it since I read it. Having a snake come up the drain while showering is a VERY traumatic experience... I doubt I would be alive today if that happened to me...Ugh I just shudder thinking about it....

Jared and Devin said...

i agree with shan... very good daughter for doing this. but i have 3 comments about it

1) you forgot my max! he was tragically killed you know

2) you didn't mention my sam, the mule, either. he wasn't around long though, so understandable.

3) his name was dawg, not dog. at least that's how i thought we were spelling it.

love you!!!

Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

Pet spiders are gross!! Was it part of Aragogs clan of spiders? Because they tried to kill us remember? And since then, I haven't been very fond of spiders.

Savannah said...

Aww, I really like the pet post:) Animals are so fun:)

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