Thursday, January 9, 2014

a day in the life

my friend [let's say friend even though i haven't seen her in years and we were more like acquaintances  in college then actual hang out friends. but i'd like to say she is my friend bc she's bombtastic] recently did a post about her daily life and chores- something she can look back on and remember how life was back when she had two kids. well i am 1 week away from being a mother of two, so life as i know it will be over soon. one day i'm going to think back and wish, 'i wish life was as slow as it was when i just had landon' [bc let me tell you, it's quite slow] so here's a day in the life of melissa.
you can't tell but we're snuggling, cheek to cheek. and it's butt-early
5:40am, sometimes 6 and very rarely, 7 if he stays up really late the night before
landon walks down the hallway- mom! mommy! milk!
i roll out of bed and zombie walk to the fridge. landon runs past the fridge, into the dining room's far corner- mom! the light! it hurts my eyes! oooww! [meaning the fridge's light]
i lay down on the couch in the fetal position, landon snuggles by the chest and we watch mickey mouse clubhouse/little einsteins for at least an hour until i can gain some kind of resemblance to a human being. then breakfast time aka prime facebook stalking time.
this time we're snuggling in his rocket ship aka our bed but usually it's in baby brother's comfy chair
time to clean up the dishes then scripture/story time. landon usually whines and cries for more books and i try to ignore him so i can read a bit. 

do a few light chores [like throw a load of laundry in or clean up some toys], go on a walk to the park or get ready for the day. when i'm getting ready, he usually rides his rocketship [aka my bed with about a billion of his favorite toys/blankets] or begs to suck on our toothbrushes or play in the sink with some water. i try to get ready as quick as i can before he melts down by my lack of interaction with him.

we usually plan one big activity to do a day. think a trip to the grocery store, library/target, visit to grandma shell's & ride her tractor, walk to the park & go to our explore class, trip to costco with shell, or play group with friends. 
when charlotte was in town we went to costco where landon begged for costco pizza
landon usually oinks some mac & cheese & dino nuggets while watching 'baby einsteins'  and i'll hide in the kitchen eating my lunch and dessert [of course] and catching up on my shows.

nap time! nap time! my favorite part of the day. once in a while i'll watch a show or read some. but usually i facebook stalk/look up pins then take a nap.

outdoor time- landon begs to play with is friends [aka our weirdo neighborhood whose unusually small for a 6 year old or the kid our neighbor babysits who doesn't like to share landon's toys] who are usually not outside. we scoot up and down the street, drive his jeep and grab our mail. we also sometimes play in the backyard, playing in the dirt box or drawing on our sidewalk. if it's a particularly cold day we'll play inside or do some chores [one day is for kitchen cleaning, another for vacuming/dusting, another for laundry and one for bathrooms]. 

mixing time! landon loves to mix aka cook anything. it will automatically change his moods in a second. he just loves helping to make dinner which really makes more of a mess then it is a help but it makes him so happy. justin usually comes home at the point so that always helps get things rolling. landon also loves helping to set the table. we eat dinner and landon anxiously awaits for daddy to finish so he'll read our scriptures. really, he loves it. not the actual scriptures [he will usually throw food or scream] but the idea of it. and he always says 'thank you daddy for reading our scriptures'. adorable. then i finish the dishes while landon plays and dad chills out. afterwards we all play and hang out until bedtime.
cutting with a saw like a MAN

milk, bath tub complete with bubbles, and pajamas. then dad flys landon around the living room then takes him to bed. mom climbs into the bathtub & catches up on her reading. after which justin and i catch up on our shows. then bedtime by 11. whew, what a day.

it's so weird to think pretty soon i'm going to be a mother of two and 'hopefully' my life will become a bit busier. i am so excited to see my little baby and have landon have a brother. i'm excited for these changes.
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KinderTeach said...

Sounds like a pretty fun day to me. I just finished my sub plans for a Thursday and it took me 3 hours making sure I put everything in there. Be thankful for your "slow" days. ๐Ÿ˜˜. ONE WEEK LEFT!!!!๐Ÿ‘ถ

Kari said...

Cute post. I don't know how I didn't know, but I had NO idea that you were due this soon. Good luck with the delivery and the transition from one to two! You'll do great.

The Martinez Family said...

Love the idea of this post. One week away! That is crazy. Can't wait to see your post on Porter.

Caitlin said...

I love this post. I think I will steal it sometime, except my days aren't usually this structured. You are such a good mom!

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