Monday, January 13, 2014

life lately: the last of the three of us

it's the final countdown [insert gob dancing here with birds & flames]
this is how life was with just the three of us. life lately was an adorable little handsome guy snuggling and sleeping with daddy in his church outfit. it was a ginormous belly and lots and lots of pain. it was a little stinker who loves wearing big boy underwear and is completely ready to potty train in all areas except a giant one- he doesn't quite understand when he needs to pee [poop we got for sure] and doesn't know how to stop it once it starts. it's also been a surprise birthday party for my favorite noah post-christmas.
 life was hanging out with my two sisters for a few days and missing the third. it was anna painfully attempting to be landon's favorite aunt by taking him on the tractor [and let's be honest, doing a way better job then grandma shell does] but still painfully falling behind to the slurpee fairy. and it's been a little stinker who poops on the potty so regularly i hardly ever change poopy diapers- that makes for a happy mama.
 life lately was naked little boys hanging out in the bathtub [notice the adorable moobies] and nick, for once, understanding why having a little brother could be a good thing. it's been sisters doing what sisters do best- annoy each other, watch hallmark movies & knit each other's hair into hats. and it was a happy little boy who just adored his two cousins and loved chasing them around the yard with guns.
life lately was finally getting together with the irelanders [busy christmas time + sicknesses] and exchanging gifts. meghan got landon this adorable pilot hat and a cardboard plane kit which he loved and destroyed within a few days. it also was the two being adorable and snuggling on the ground, giving each other kisses as meghan cringed [he's really never done that before- i thought it was adorable.  but slightly creepy when landon said 'don't be afraid'].
life was celebrating four years of matrimony [aka the fruitavery] with some of justin's favorite fruit- fruit snacks. landon found my stash one day and gleefully ripped open the boy and was tossing them in the air with the uttermost joy. it was a grumpy boy who got to spend the night with his mema while justin & i enjoyed a night away at the aliante hotel. it was heart shaped pancakes [complete with sprinkles- i know my man well], chocolate covered strawberries and some sparkling cider to top it off.
while with mema, landon got to play with his buddy tanner [and of course, wouldn't share a thing] and take a visit to old mcdonald's [he BEGS for it almost every day. he's had it maybe 4x in his life so i don't understand why he loves it so much. prob bc he thinks it has something to do with the song. plus he gets apple juice there]. and lastly, life lately was a nice quiet breakfast with mr chicken and mommy loving every second with her baby boy.

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KinderTeach said...

The slurpee fairy will NEVER be beat!!! HAHAHA AWN!!!
Landon should get ready for slurpees and McDonald's galore while mommy and Porterhouse are in the hospital this week.
I'm so excited to give my new little nephew his first taste of slurp before he is even one day old! :)
Love you baby sister

Caitlin said...

hahahaha!! "don't be afraid!" so funny and so creepy! I can't believe it's already time to have a baby. crazy!

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