Wednesday, November 16, 2011

the year i stop aging

if i've learned anything from tv, it's that this is the best its gonna get- looks wise. which is pretty sad because my stomach is quite floppy at the moment, i wear my pajama pants all-day-every-day and i'm starting to get chinny-chin hairs. everyone ALWAYS says to old people who definitely look old
you don't look a day over 25.

well people- today is my 25th birthday. so....quite the disappointment. remember last year i made a list of 25 things i wanted to do before i turned 25? fail. i managed to almost nothing. seriously- where did my year go?

-become ambidextrous. if not now, when?
-run another 5k
-make a fondant cake
-sew something [i've already got my eye on making justin & i some christmas stockings!]  i made those stockies! and those onsies from my last post
-write a story my blog counts right?
-throw a fabulous party
-go on a fancy vacation to someplace exotic nothing says exotic like sacramento, slc, elko, san diego and genoa right?
-finally learn how to drive stick
-buy a house! SUPPOSED to happen this i'll consider it doneish
-learn the single ladies & thriller dance
-make a garden
-be a better wife & best friend to my baby, lady
-milk a cow
-read 'the lord of the rings' all the way through. without stopping.
-start saving for retirement
-be more kind to strangers. and i  guess to people i know
-stop drinking soda. for good i'm going a week straight! go me!
-relearn how to play the piano. without fear
-finish reading the old testament
-attend the ellen show
-go skinny dipping
-visit ashland, oregon
-go on a girls trip. with my girls
-save up money for the uruguay trip

 -(**it's a secret!**i'll tell you if i actually do it**) well i did it! we were trying to get pregnant and boy did we!

#25- wearing shoes for the first time
so as you can see, year 24 was kind of a failure but some things i'm def working on. like the piano and garden- i'm going to do once we get our house. i'm even getting my own piano! and i'm on 1 samuel in the old testament (i'm going backwards), so about 400 pages left. and i'm planning on throwing a fabulous graduation party for justin---so i'm a work in progress. 

so a birthday would not be complete without a wish- and since i'm 25 i'm asking for 25 wishes to go 
along with my 25 spankings [dirty]

1- i wish landon will learn how to sleep through the night
2- and get over his colic. poor dude screams all. day. long.
3- i wish justin's last semester will be over with and he'll feel confident in his fancy new job
4- i wish i can become a stay at home mom permanently
5- i wish for this tummy flab to go away, along with the last 20 pounds
6- i wish gilmore girls to come back on tv
7- and for rory to end up with jess
8- i wish my dad's dogs will die so they stop peeing on my mom's floor
9- i wish for our house to finally close
10- and for us to be all moved in
11- i wish the spice girls would have another reunion tour
12- and sell their tickets for $25 each
13- i wish my sisters lived closer
14- i wish my best friend to move to las vegas
15- world peace [i'm not ALL selfish....just mostly]
16- i wish the running rebels would go to the final four this year [just for the hubs]
17- i wish they'd start the 30 rock season
18- i wish breaking dawn wasn't split up into 2 parts and were both being released this weekend
19- i wish for my own slurpee machine in my house
20- i wish ellen would come surprise me at my door with a brand new car
21- i wish justin & i could go on a schmancy vacay to uruguay
22- i wish for a pet kitty
23- i wish justin will forget how much work landon has been so he wants a family of 6
getting ready to oink my chocolate mousse last year- which i usually finish by myself
24- i wish all the hair on my body except my head hair would fall out and never need to be shaved again 
25- and most importantly, i wish kim and kris could work things out. tragic.
[26- for good luck- i wish landon would poop. it's been days and his gas is reaching epic proportions. sadly, he's inherited his mother's silent-but-deadly kind and not his dad's loud-but-odorless ones]

happy birth moment to me people- i've got some chocolate mousse, some sloppy kisses and some baby ones coming my way- so it's gonna be a great day. 

postnote: why do we celebrate the baby on birthdays? really, we should celebrate the mothers for letting  their spawn stretch out their vag, giving them ulcers, and using all of their money. so happy birth day mom- i'm #6 [so basically it was a water slide for me at that point]- my mom's most memorable moment from my birth day? she refused to let anyone touch her before she got her drugs.

way to go mom.

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Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

Aw! I love this post and all your wishes. I think you had a great 24th birth year, and your 25th will be fantastic too. Well, your fake 25th anyway. I know how really old you are. And you don't look a day over 721.

PS. I wish we lived close too. I was watching Wizards of Waverly Place yesterday, and Harper and Alex moved in together. And it made me wish my BFF8 and I were closer. Imagine that magical parties we would throw?

Kari said...

Do you love Ellen as much as I do? I knew I blog stalked you for a reason :)

That was quite a to-do list so I wouldn't feel bad that you didn't get it done.

Also, I liked most of your wishes, but dogs dying? Well that's sad. How about you just wish they didn't pee on the floor anymore. Unless they bite people or something...

Anyways, happy 25th birthday! Hope it's great!

Anna Campbell said...

1. Cross off your being nicer to people- you and I have become frienemies. That counts.
2. 3 baby showers counts as throwing a fabulous parties
3. I think all of the sisters wished we lived closer
4. we really need to stop shopping at the same stores. I wore that same striped shirt today.

Jordan & Heather Wong said...

im glad u had a great day! and u "dont look a day older than 25!" haha ur little man is adorable! and and i use this lotion from nivea its a skin tightening lotion and it worked with K so hopefully it works again with my second one!! I always feel like my tummy looks like an old persons face after I have kids! aha love u!

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