Wednesday, March 30, 2011

basketball is my favorite sport- i like the way they dribble up and down the court

last week all of justin's hard work payed off - in form of a sport. the donkey-elephant classic is the annual democrat-republican charity basketball game in carson city. well, it's not really annual because it's every two years. it's biennial [my new word that justin taught me. for once, he knew a word i did not. i really need to invest in some more word-of-the-day toilet paper]. so for the past few week justin has been hard at work organizing the event - making the team jerseys, getting the hs band to play, and even 'semi-professional-but-not-really-that-good' dancers to dance at half-time. it was quite the event. and the republicans won!

this past weekend we also went on a little trip to genoa & minden/gardnerville. they are only about 30 minutes away in a circle. it was nice to get away, see something new. genoa is nevada's first settlement and that's basically the most exciting thing that has happened there in the past few hundred years. highlights: eating chocolate crepes that i swear were really nutella, visiting mormon station, finding a rooster friend, and finding out retirement home- aka- the pink house: complete with a wishing well.

ignore the pained expression - i took my sunglasses off and my eyes huuuurrrttttt

he's wishing for more kisses and snuggles 

minden/garnerville was a lot more hopping but not appealing enough to stop. they had the most beautiful buildings - brick and oldness, a masterful combination. and here's the winning team! notice the local celebutantes.

the gov'nas holding the trophy, congressman dean heller is the sweaty one,
and nobody else is that famous. they're all state politicans. 
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