Wednesday, November 9, 2011

i'm so crafty i make people- and onsies

wohhh there people- i'm about to get crafty on you. really, what choice do i have? i am a temporary stay-at-home mom. not that i have any extra time these days but my little pumba likes to be snuggled onto my chest which leaves my actions limited. that, plus landon really needed some church outfits.

[side tangent: not only do girls have the cuter clothing options but they also have alot more options for church clothes. it's pretty hard to find a small church outfit for a boy- i have two but they are ginormous. last week at church, i noticed in mommy row (aka the front row in relief society where all the new moms sit with their chicklens- yes, i'm part of the cool club now) that all their babies (all girls) were wearing darling outfits. landon was in his sleeper- his yellow owl sleeper, which really doesn't complement his shade. i was embarrassed for my lack of mothering skills]

sara's is the one in the bottom right corner - you can tell bc its straight and professional looking
a good family friend sara made me this adorable tie onsie - so going off of that, i made these. i'm not one for patterns or following rules or any kind of input from people [just ask my mom]- i'm more of a sew-off-the-fly kinda gal and it worked out pretty well. who cares if the ties are crooked, off-centered and fraying? not this mama bear.

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Jordan & Heather Wong said...

o my heck i love them!

Holly said...

Okay your Halloween costumes have got to be the funniest thing I have ever seen. So creative!!!

Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

You make me so green with your crafting skills. That and putting your stay at home momness to good use and making something. I really wish I had done something creative and crafty!

Kari said...

Cute! I've got to make me some for my boy. And I'm totally with you on the no church clothes for small baby boys. I'm going to start making some and strike it big :)

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