Thursday, April 21, 2011

roadtrip: sacramento - the city that never sleeps

ah sacramento, the city of a thousand dreams [oh wait, that's not right....]. well, sacramento doesn't really have a saying, but if it would, it would be
sacramento; the city that once was home to the governator
not that it's a complete waste of space. it is the birthplace of john ensign [i know, a disgrace to us nevadans. did you hear the scuttle about him?!], rodney king, and tom hanks & molly ringwald grew up near there. oh, and it's california's state capital. that's something right? i know, it's not really much but it was good enough for a weekend getaway. not my first choice in a destination but it worked for a gal who spends her day sleeping-reading-bathing-walking-feeding geese.

justin's boss at the gop caucus inspired the trip so us, his boss, & fellow intern trekked to sacramento [less then 3 hrs away] early saturday morning. nicole's [intern] dad hooked us up with a fancy, schmancy marriot hotel close to the capital. seriously, the nicest hotel we've ever stayed at. too bad the first room they assigned us reeked of pot and the second had twin beds [much to justin's delight. he says i'm a blanket-hog].

we toured the capital and saw the many, many, many rooms. the painting of the governator wasn't up yet but i imagine it would look something like the above. then we walked the grounds, saw the boring statues, and saw our full of homeless people & squirrels. i got pooped quite easily so we rested up then dined at tres hermanas. the food was decent but the real appeal was my kitten friend snowball. she found me in a city of asphalt and even followed me to the resturant stoop! my only wish is that justin would have let me keep her. afterwards we oinked at gunther's ice cream [on the list of things to do in sacramento] and let me tell you, world's. best. ice cream. we even went there twice.

you can't tell but this is on the train.
see the sacramento river in the bottom right corner
the next day we toured old town sacramento. it was much like mexico [tons of little stores full of the same crap] but cleaner. they had a fabulous costume shop but disappointing on the donuts [and for a lady whose been craving krispy kremes for over a month now, it was an immense disappointment]. the biggest draw was the train ride! reminded me so much of the trips i took on the hogwarts express....sadly this one didn't come with a treat trolley [if you hadn't noticed, my mind only thinks of foods lately]. and the whole sitting-part was nice on my puffy feet [is it normal to be puffy this early in a pregnancy?]

oh! the best part of the trip- the spud shack. fries from around the world!! imagine the posibilities....granted i couldn't eat the garlic in the italian ones we tried but i'd glad go back and try again.
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KinderTeach said...

I think we should go back there for the ice cream and the spuds!

Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

Why oh why didn't I choose to be a white kitten? It's so cute! Oh and ps, you looked cute the whole time in Sacramento.

D+L said...

when you get back to vegas, i will treat you to the best donuts danny and i have found. called friendlys donuts, on boulder hwy and made fresh @ 10pm!

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