Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the first annual bloggie awards!

sry for the blurriness. i did steal it though
"pippi longstocking. ronald mcdonald's wife. ron howard. ron weasley. what do they all have in common? redheads."

well folks the time has come- my mother dear's birthday. oh, and my yeariversary with the blog. honestly, who knew i had this much to say? alright, alright, we all knew i had this much to say but still, this is quite the o-cassion. so in honor of my best friend/mentor/hero/role model michael gary scott, i've decided to host the very first bloggie awards [insert applause here]. award shows always open with a good joke. too made i'm all out of laffy-taffys. so here we go! oh, and before i get the awards process on, i need to make an observation for my fans. if i somehow don't make sense in a post or misspell something or say something that sounds weird, it's more then likely a quote or a reference to something else. you have NO IDEA how many times someone has corrected me for spelling need 'n-e-a-t' or used double jeopardy in the wrong context. i greatly appreciate your interest but believe me, this graceful butterfly does everything with a purpose. so i've decided to start linking some of my inside jokes/references to a page that will explain it for those who don't obsessively follow pop culture like abed and i do.

in the M.SCOTT HONORARY AWARD category, my funniest post, most specifically the letter to myself. and yes, i have had to read this many a'times; most recently at my last haircut. the winner for the BEST ART AWARD goes to the time i spoke too soon [funniest comics here]. the award for the POST THAT EVERYONE SHOULD READ is melissa's version of facebook gospel. for the POST WITH THE MOST COMMENTS award goes to this one [for obvious reasons] and the every-so-famous, VIEWER'S CHOICE award goes to this post with the most hits - over 500! weirdly, not my finest hour either. in the honorable mentions, here is the time i highlighted my favorite youtube video - if you don't count the bedroom intruder. and of course, for runner-up for best post is you know you're married when.

and now for the awards that really count the most, PEOPLE'S CHOICE. for the BEST COMMENTATOR awards---it's a tie! between kinderteach [she has no blog and remains like a shark in the night...] and my bff8! for the BLOG THAT INSPIRED THIS BLOG goes to this girl i knew in college. the BLOGGER WHO I WISH HAD DONE MY WEDDING [and other fancy crafts] is this blog. and the person, who against all blog rules, who NEEDS TO WRITE ABOUT THEIR BABY MORE OFTEN.
*come on now, i know you're going to check out these links to see if you're the person i was talking about

and you may ask, where will you go from here? what more can we expect from you in the upcoming year? so i'll tell you- i don't know. i'm guessing a plethora of baby posts come september but after that, i'm stumped. so suggestions are always welcomed.
don't worry, i plan on marking my baby when it comes out
so hinder baby snatchers. and i won't eat it either.

and may i just say, i am proud of to serve the awesome people of these various countries. i don't know anything about malaysia other then what derek told me, and i love those danishes [the pastries. i don't know any of the people] but i anticipate learning more about you. oh, and who the freak wrote this? it has been driving me crazy for months. i hate anonymous commentors more so then i hate creepers who steal your pictures and make facebook profiles pretending to be you.
*courtesy of the best blogstalker i know, caitlin tapparrison

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Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

Very nicely done m'lady!! Thanks for the reward. I do comment. I try to on every blog. even if it's a dumb comment. And i love that you gave me credit for finding that blog.

Laura Hendricks said...

impressive! awesome idea to have these awards! anonymous comments? mysterious. show yourself for the love!

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