Friday, April 29, 2011

when did i swallow a boy?

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well today was the big day. and by big day, i don't mean the day i got some long-overdue olive garden [that was yesterday] or krispy kremes [tomorrow!] but the day we find out the sex of my little olive. i've been so excited for so long - and so many people have been so excited for us! [thank goodness my light shines brightest in the spotlight]

now if you couldn't tell from all my posts, i've been convinced that i was having a girl. i just felt like the baby was a girl. i craved fruit at the very beginning and meghan did the ring test, so basically i was 100% sure i was with girl-child. well imagine my surprise when i saw a big ol'man business showing up on
the monitor! even justin thought it would be a girl [he insists he really thought it was a boy but come one, everyone changes teams once you find out for sure]. and yet no, no it wasn't.

19 weeks
[here is where i would normally put a picture documenting the fact that baby olive is a boy but alas, i think penis pictures are grossly gross so just take my word for it]

baby olive is measuring at 19 weeks, 2 days [3 days ahead of my due date] and 10 ounces and is as healthy as a nut. he wasn't as active this time but he has long legs [are we sure he's ours?] and was happy to suck on his thumb. honestly, i shouldn't be surprised my little olive would change teams so quickly. when we were little, my sister devin had a guinea pig who was named lilly. til one day she got a book and figured out how to tell the difference...and lilly became rodney. and my dad would always say "when i was a little girl...." [don't ask me - i have no idea] so naturally our family has gender identity issues.

[please note that despite baby olive's sex, he is still olive. not oliver {gag}]

so baby olive is a boy and that puts us back to square one. we had LOADS of girl names but not a single boy name. so suggestions are still being taken. we should have been more prepared- in both of our families [even with my brother & sister] boys come first so it's a zobrist/harrison tradition that still rings true [insert tevye's robust voice here].

well let's hope my little boy learns to love the color pink.
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Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

I can't believe you are having a little boy!!! It's so exciting!! As for names....I have none. (except what we want to name our little boy when we have one) Oh little baby boy Harrison!! Yaya!

KinderTeach said...

AHH, it finally will let me comment again. I'm such an awesome favorite sister.

Laura Hendricks said...

thanks for sparing us from the weenie picture and whoa congratulations! it's a boy!

Jordan & Heather Wong said...

ooo he is soo adorable!! i am so happy for u!! boy names are the hardest!! we havve a girl name picked out but cannot decide on a boy name!! why are they soo hard? lol list ur favs when u get some so i can some ideas please haha love u girl and congrats i am so happy for u

Brigham, Kari, Lydia & Ammon said...

Congrats on having a boy. After having one of each, I'll tell you that nothing is like the mother-son relationship. Sure girl stuff is cuter, but that little boy will steal your heart so fast.

As for boy names, I'll give you my favorites that my husband won't let me use. Nathan, Christian, and Hiram (yes, sadly enough I'm attracted to very LDS names. My husband's name is Brigham and I just named my son Ammon). My other boy names I can't share in case you like them enough to steal them ;)

Tami said...

Yay! Now you have a son to protect your future little princesses! It took us forever to come up with a boy name too! Ryne is suggesting that Ryne is a great name for you to use!

caitlyn said...

i love the name Liam and Jet. Robert won't let me use them yet, so you go right ahead, lol! congrats on the mini penis holder!~!!!! i love you!

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