Thursday, May 5, 2011

for the princess in all of us

this is not the whole gang - there was prob about 15
of us lucky ladies
i don't care what anyone said, the royal wedding WAS a big dealio. this girl was a commoner, met her prince, dated for 10 years then finally got her wedding {sound familiar? kinda like my story....well the waiting part}. ah....i love happy endings

sidenote: {actually- i do love happy endings- this show is the funniest buizness. last night's episode talked about hipsters and their love of anything ironic & disastrous clothing choices. seriously, check it out. on what other show can you learn about gaycism, jazz-kwon-do, and zombies?}

luckily the world realized the female population's constant need of everything wedding and gave us hours and hours of viewing hostess-snacks [i would say creme brulee but alas, my tastes are not that refined]. and even luckier for me, monica [justin's boss @ the legislature] threw an awesome princess party! originally we were going to watch it in the wee-hours of the morning but alas, no one looks good at 2am. thankfully she moved it to tuesday night. now my selection for female companionship in carson is pretty limited by the fact i only know 3 people here so i jumped at the chance to mingle with the fairer sex. monica held nothing back- the food was amazing [and so fancy-schmancy! i only wish i had more refined taste and not that of a 5 year old boy], the decorations were so cute, and the company was delightful! i wish i could describe the food along with the pics but alas, i can't- so make your best guesses. so we made our crowns and snacked all night while watching the wedding and it did not disappoint.

our bedazzled flutes

fancy spread

favors! don't you love those dresses?

the nuptials - is it just me or did william look like the nutcracker?

my only criticism was that william didn't slip kate a little tongue in the abby- how awesome would that have been?
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Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

I did not watch the Royal Wedding. I must not be a woman. Because I sort of didn't care...however. I do think their story is cute and if I had an oppertunity at a fancy smancy girls night, I'm sure I woudl have enjoyed it very much!

KinderTeach said...

Oh my gosh! The comment about the nutcracker! Every time I see a picture of him in his uniform I've been trying to place what he looked like. Nutcracker hit it dead on!

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