Sunday, April 17, 2011

pregnancy update: james franco, kimiko & me

well here's a pregnancy update for you folks. things are pretty much not exciting at this point in the baby-making process but i always enjoy reading these so i figured my fans might too.
pls disregard the fat face - and notice the baby
bump is more 'baby + previous fat, just pushed
out more in an obvious sort of way'

current weekage:
17 weeks [4 months, 1 week]

poundage gained:
+6 lbs [total]. depressingly so. but honestly the way i eat somedays, i would guess like +15.

frustration of the week:
as much as i love carson city [and for those who read my blog just know how much i adore this place...], it has a few a BAZILLION flaws. including a lack of pregnancy clothes. i guess i'm silly to assume that huge clothing barns [such as pennys, kohls, target, or walmart] would have pregnancy clothes but how wrong was i? nothing. nada. zip. kohls did have a couple things so i bought myself my first maternity jeans and let me tell you, i've found my new pair of thanksgiving pants. not that i have to wear them yet but i'm so excited to!

skinny girl i hate this week:
this week we had dinner with a young family in our ward + missionaries and i mentioned once or twice [or three times or four...] me being pregnant [like how i can't handle some foods or how i cry when i think of animals being slaughtered]. i've done it many times before to this woman. well, she revealed this week she's pregnant too. and just as far along as me. and looks like a railroad post- did i mention this is her 3rd baby? i thought people who've had babies before are supposed to get bigger faster? i felt like such a complaining cow next to her.

how my life resembles 30 rock this week:
did i tell you i have a favorite sister? i do- shannon [don't worry- this title revolves around the sister who spoils me the most that week. my love can be bought]. i was complaining talking to her about life here and mentioned how i needed a bellyband [definition: a thick strap of fabric that holds you unbuttoned pants up when you are too fat for them normally] so my gracious sister offered to buy me one. but she bought me two! i'm so excited! my pants have gotten uncomfortably tight these days. but that's not how my life resembles 30 rock- she also bought me a body pillow! a must for those who have to sleep on their sides now. i'm contemplating naming it kimiko in honor of james franco.

food i'm stuffing my face with this week:
i've developed this habit of buying treats and hiding them around the house. currently: sour cream & onion chips, cherry 7up, cherry laffy taffy and hoho's. man i'm such an oinker. but my beloved has a habit of not being able to pace himself with treats- and these will last least 3 days. i still can't eat much meat or big meals, but i do love me some cereal. i finished off 4 boxes on thursday. granted, they only had about a 1/2 cup in each of them.

things i'm most looking forward to this week:
getting pregnant-fat, not my-gut-sticks-out-more-then-normal fat. our trip to sacramento tomorrow. finding out the sex in 2 weeks. getting bossypants [tina fey] and belly laughs  [jenny mccarthy] from the library.

activity i used the 'i'm pregnant' excuse this week:
carrying groceries in from the store [we DO live on the 2nd floor], having to pee every 5 minutes, why i didn't want to watch a stupid discovery show justin wanted to, my need for a smoothie after not eating dinner, and leaving my pants unbuttoned. 

exercise regimen i'm pretending to do this week:
i like going on long walks [sometimes i run until i feel like im going to maybe 3 blocks], doing baby yoga [is it just me or are these just basically stretching? i think being flexible got me in trouble in the first place so.....double jeopardy], and baby pilates. i've noticed in the pregnancy workout videos, things are either really easy or disgustingly suggestive. such as this move. again....i think this is what got me in trouble in the first place.

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MeganKalynn said...

i don't think you understand the meaning of double jeopardy. (p.s. I love your blog! ) ;)

KinderTeach said...

I think Kimiko would be proud to have it named after her. Just think, now you have a conversational starter if you ever meet James Franko.

Savannah said...

Mel, you look great! I'm super excited for you!

Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

Hahahaha!! I love the video. And I agree, your bump is looking super cute! I can't wait till you find out what baby is! I didn't realize it was so soon!

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