Tuesday, April 12, 2011

eugoogly for my rainbow fish

fluffy reginald zobrist-harrison
october 2008
april 2011

going on his first sleepover
my heart literally broke last night. blame it on the hormones, but it runs deeper then that. i tend to have an abnormal relationship with my pets. fluffy the first [cat] was my bestest friend and he still ranks in the top 10 of my favorite people [won't give his number - don't want to offend people when a cat outranks them]. jake the bird was a good pal but we never bonded the way i did with my fluffys. but fluffy [fish] was my fluffy [cat] replacement and was there when i needed him the most.

daddy's 23rd birthday
i had had fish before but fluffy [cat] usually ate them before too long - they were all named charlie-pete at that time. i lost fluffy [cat] my junior year of college when i went to suu and it broke me. justin was on his mission then things happened there and again, i was devastated. i needed someone to be there so i got a fish - fluffy the II. my roommates might have been a little perturbed but he was a welcome addition of sunshine to our apt. he soon got a friend [bobbi - aka bob dylan of the stoneman clan] and was a happy little clam. we lived a good life together. i would often bring him into my room and set him on my nightstand so he wouldn't get lonely.

folding himself like a taco
graduation came and we travelled up north for a few months then migrated again to the heat of the vegas sun [fluffy travelled quite a bit in his gladware; lived in 4 cities, 2 states, and had countless admirers]. when justin got home, he joined our little family and our duo became a trio. while justin doesn't quite understand my need for all things fluffy, he loved him like the first-born of our family he was.

fluffy was a fighter and a survivor. he had a half-brother, killer, who viciously attacked him. they lived together for a month or so before i noticed his massive injuries. at that point, he was down one fin and was barely hanging on. thankfully, he recovered back to full health. if that's not resilient, i don't know what is.

his 2nd easter
fluffy has been circling the drain for quite. since we moved up north, he would stay at one point in his tank all day, barely moving. i figured it was the cold weather but then, he would weirdly fold himself in odd positions [for example: he'd fold himself like a taco in his castle. see picture]. last night he was acting weirder then normal. like, swimming upside down, floating that way for a while, then freaking out. i googled it and said it was swimmers bladder for something so i tried to revive him by changing his water and feeding him a pea [the advice online]. i guess his dirty water was the only thing keeping him alive.

blowing kisses - see love bubble at top
i know my hormones are kinda out of control lately but i lost it. it being sanity, good sense, and dignity. my heart broke. i wanted to take him to the lake and release him but justin said the big fish would eat him. so we gave him a porcelain graveyard with a decent sendoff. fluffy's favorite color was pink [he chose it the day i adopted him] so i floated pink flowers in the bowl. wilbur, fluffy's best friend/bowl-mate couldn't handle the loss and jumped in the bowl with him. he was sent off to 'across the universe' [fluffy being an avid beatles fan] and i bawled and bawled and bawled as we sent him away.

fluffy, a loyal and beautiful fish who loved making love-bubbles at the top of his tank, puffing up kisses at us, and talking to his mama. you will be missed by many.
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Anna Campbell said...

RIP Fluff the II We shall miss you. Till we meet again in the big ocean

KinderTeach said...

You forgot to mention the fact that he survived a fishnap as well. His brother Killer, obviously a weaker fish, did not survive that fishnap.

Savannah said...

I remember holding Fluffy between my legs on the way to Vegas :)

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