Thursday, April 7, 2011

15 things you did & did not want to know about me

now imagine me on-top with a headset singing
the national anthem
well folks it was bound to happen - i have been tagged by tramanda and finally conceded to do it. originally the post had 10 questions but i decided, hey- what's the fun in 10? so i added 5 more of my own. and for those lucky suckers i tag at the end of mine, feel free to change it up too. the best things in life need variety [wink wink nudge nudge].

{1 - dream job?}
when i was little, my dream job was basically a compilation of my favorite things in life. i wanted to be a famous rodeo singer atop a horse who played soccer [the horse. not me....i don't really remember how that would have worked out] while managing my chain of 7-11s via headset. lucky me - i was gonna do it all. but now, all i want to do is coach hs lacrosse. i coached my first season of ms my senior year of hs then did two years of hs during college but alas, i moved to cedar and plans got put on hold. then when i moved back to vegas, i got married right at the beginning of the season and now i'm pregnant so....that's gotta be put on hold. but eventually, i'm going to do it again. i still dream about it even.... maybe i still can be that rodeo superstar too, in case things don't pan out.
one of the cooler 7's - in mexico
no slurpees though, so fail

{2 - favorite drink}
really? this shouldn't even be a question for me. even my fans in sweden know the answer to this one - coke slurpees. so i'll just tell people where it all started. and for that...i'm not quite sure. growing up i remember my dad getting them [banana] so after soccer at lorenzi park, stopping at 7-11 was the best. i guess it just grew from there. from hs days when i'd skip 7am seminary for slurpees, to dancing in the 7 parking lot at 1am with my friends, or basking in the love that is my husband who would [while we were dating] run inside and get me one. now i've had to limit myself to once a week to avoid fatness & gestational diabetes but it's still my numero uno drink.

{3 - most important beauty secret}
wow - really don't got much. so i'll just tell you what i do. i wash my hair everyday [bc it freaks me out not to] and allow it to dry overnight to avoid frying it. i put on face lotion everytime i wash my face to avoid it drying out. and i thoroughly enjoy exercise but don't do it as often as i'd like to. oh, and i eat the heart of a bright star to keep my eternal youth [reference anyone?]

{4 - if you had an all-expenses paid vacation, where would you go?}
i'd take a longggg vacation, starting at hawaii then hop to china, cruise over to spain, then hit italy, france, switzerland then england. highlights of the trip: volcanos & waterfalls in hawaii, the great wall in china, seeing the bulls runs in spain, pizza & the vatican in italty, moulin rouge, eiffle tower, & the louvre in france, chocolate in switzerland, & the queen, royal wedding, & hogwarts [naturally] in england.

can't recall the age - maybe 7th or 8th grade
{5 - if you had 3 wishes, what would they be?}
health & happiness for my family, fluffy [the cat] to be immortal, & a long happy life with justin with only a few financial scares, lots of little girls, & a ranch in ashland, OR.

{6 - if you could have one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?}
chips. of all shapes and sizes. i LOVE ruffles with green onion dip, baked cheetos, sour cream & onion, bbq, or fritos. oink oink!

{7 - what's one talent you wish you had?}
dance. i wish i could dance and that justin would love to dance. or my singing abilities to reappear. or the ability to remember things. oh! i take it all back - i wish i was an extreme couponer

{8 - biggest celebrity crushes}
1- bruce willis 2- will smith 3- marky mark

{9 - if you could look into the future, would you?}
yes - i want to know where we end up, if i ever get to do the things i want to do, the kids we have, the good times we'll have, and when i'll die. yes, i want to know that.

{10 - what made you start a blog?}
well, i guess the same reasons everyone else does - overwhelming narcissistic attitude. no, i realized i loved writing & had a super funny story to tell. i had vowed i wouldn't bc that's what every married, then every baby-wielding person does but alas, i did. hopefully i stand out a bit from those.

and now for my own bit of fun

{11 - what was the happiest day of your life? and don't say the day you got married or had a kid = lame}
the day justin got home from his mission. a year into the mission we stopped talking so he could focus on the work and it devastated me. the absolute worst thing in my whole life. we maybe emailed 2x in a year and we were sure if we'd get back together. i didn't see him til late that night - i ran into the driveway when he pulled up and ran into his arms and he kissed me, just like that. meant. to. be.

{12 - top 4 book recommendations}
i'll try to stay away from the obvious so the hunger games series, the host, the wedding, and the uglies series.

my fav scene - when he comes out of the dressing room.
watch it - it makes me blush
{13 - what's your guilty pleasure movie?}
high school musical 3 [the first two are soooo lame]. the music, the dancing, the costumes = i die.

{14 - what's your worst habit?}
i forget everything. good things, bad things, mediocre things. i also don't floss, clean drawers open, and care too little about looking presentable. so sue me - don't sue me...that's besides the point.

{15 - what golden girl would you be?}
sophia. i'm spunky, crude, & not afraid to say what i think. but i am also a great friend. and i plan on embaressing my children when i'm old.

how about them apples? let's see what caitlin, stonifer, bubs, & awn have to say.
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Laura Hendricks said...

usually these question and answer things can be kind of a snooze fest but i knew i could count on yours to be funny!
so hilarious and cute

Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

I have to admit, I'm pretty excited that you tagged me. But it won't be as boss as yours!

Anna Campbell said...

I don't think anyone can write as funny as Mel, hence why she is going to be speaking at TOFW one day and hooking me up with free tickets! Whoot Whoot!

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