Sunday, November 20, 2011

if my heart was a house, you'd be home

{i want you all to know i sit here writing this at 5:34am, after having been up for over an hour, having a starring contest with my handsome little man. he is determined to stay up- i am willing him to sleep with the soothing sounds of the hairdryer from my phone. let's hope i win. the only upside to this little showdown is i finally get time to blog}

we never thought this day would come but alas, it has- it has! i feel like peg from target [snl- best. character. ever.], i just want to shout it from the rooftops people

we have a house!
["and it's on sale!"]

you have NO idea how long this has been coming- or how much we've had to go through. buying such a large, expensive, and life-changing thing like that should be fun right? wrong. worst experience ever. right up there with getting a folley balloon to induce labor and having a bazillian wax [and i had both within a week of each other].

we got the housing bug six months into marriage when the irelanders got theirs- steven told us about this sweet program that triples poor people's down payment. free money? who can pass that up? so we started on the house track- taking the [required and pointless] new homeowners class, compiling all our financial docs, filling out paperwork, finding a loan officer, started house hunting---then justin got his internship. so we put off looking for 4 months.

before we even got home from carson we started looking again, by now our loan officer and community partner had changed [required for the program] and we started looking. and looking. and looking. and we put in offers. and offers. and offers. all while our loan officer and community contact changed AGAIN- we put in a total of 8 offers [only to lose out because we had an fha loan and people wanted cash or conventional, even though we'd usually go in 10k higher than asking--we REALLY wanted a house]- ended up getting offer #8 accepted [which happened to be the same house offer #6 was but their original acceptance bottomed out]. total of 5 different loan officers and 4 community contacts- and a total of a year to just FIND a house. so you'd think once we got an offer accepted things would go smoothly? WRONG again.

turns out, getting an offer was the easy part which we'd never guess bc getting a contract accepted was HORRIBLE. at this point, we had to give more paperwork, explain every deposit ever made, give them the same paperwork we'd given them before because they kept losing it. didn't help that our loan officer was a retard but we HAD to use him to get the free $. we had to file extension after extension because things just kept getting in the way and more often then not, someone would do something wrong, like put our ss#s in wrong or our birth dates. you'd think if these people did this for a living they'd be more on top of things? nope. i could go on and on but this whole process of closing took another 2 1/2 months-- so as you can see, nothing has been fun so far.

enough complaining

*but i failed to mention, because of said incompetent people, we only got 10k of the 15k we SHOULD have gotten, only because of our retards. at this point though, we'd rather have 5k less and a house then wait another month

so we have started moving into our house, which really just had to happen because family and friends are coming into town this weekend for landon's blessing and are staying with us. so be prepared tappanas to use dish cloths for towels and sleep on the ground [not really, but i'm leaning on the dramatic side lately]. nothing about our first house has been fun- not the buying and esp not the moving [having a colicky baby, justin finishing his last semester and both of us working--oh and it falling on a holiday weekend--doesn't allow for a quick or easy move in] but it's our HOME.

i can't wait to unpack our long, lost belongings and realize, 'how did i ever get along without my blue flowered purse or pencil skirt [that i no longer fit in] or my flurry clock that purrs [reference?]'- it'll be nice after over a year of being homeless, moving 5 times, and living out of boxes to have a place to call ours.

and to walk around naked-- really it's been just too long. my bits need to breathe.

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Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

I am so excited you finally got your house! It's been way too long for you!! I can't wait till this weekend when I see it and see you and see landon. Wow. You are officially a grown up, what with a house and a baby.

Kari said...

I am so jealous. I want a house so bad. I want the money to afford a house. I want to be a grown up too!

But congrats to you for making it through all that stressfulness :) Enjoy your house!!

Jordan & Heather Wong said...

yea! im soo excited for u guys!! congrats! o man up forever with that little man? i did that with k...Oaklei tried that and I quickly did sleep training withe her and now i lay her down she cries for amin then goes to will change ur life!

Anna Campbell said...

Gilmore girls... what do i win?

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