Thursday, May 26, 2011

the place of sand & long lines

isn't my husband a stud? while my hurst schnaz grows almost as much as my waistline
week two of singledom - my shaving ritual has become non-existant and i go to bed at 9, so things are basically back to post-school/pre-mission-homecoming status. i went 5 days last week without my husband or mclovin, unless you count my pillow-boyfriend [different area codes right?]. thankfully i got to reunite with my sailor this weekend in san diego for lynsey's [SIL] graduation from USD. it was a much needed reunion with justin. i wish we had a few days [or even one] to just be together but we got a night so i'm grateful for that. when you sleep too many nights alone you forget how great it is to wake up cold and blanket-less in the middle of the night because your baby boo is holding them hostage under his body - or the sweet lullaby of snores that rock you to sleep. these are the sweet signs of love that i miss terribly.
this was the best pic i could get of justin with his dad & sis
- that boy purposely sabatoges my pictures

friday lynsey had a little mixer for her pre-professional graduates then we toured the campus [beautiful!]. little to my knowledge, this would be the opportune time for my feet to become huge and inflated - while i was wearing heels [my fingers are already sausage status]. that night i picked up justin then we had a double with his mission friend spencer & his new girlfriend @ phils. waited an hour in line, but the onion rings were worth it. saturday we had a nice relaxing day that included a trip to the mission [where again, we waited over an hour. i have a theroy about this. californias REALLY like waiting in lines. they seem to do it all the time; in traffic, at resturants, in stores- really people, just go to another resturant! except i wasn't about to go to another one....but i'm a tourist so i don't count] and fun times at mission beach. that night we spent some time with dave [FIL] at ocean beach and had a nice night alone --with some donuts at rose's of course.

sunday was lynsey's big walk across the stage [no tripping - such a grown up] for her bachelors in biology. she's going to the university of houston optometry school in the fall which means road trip to texas in 4 years! and hopefully she meets a nice cowboy who buys her some red cowboy boots....but that's besides the point. larry king was the commencement speaker and let me tell you, that old dude is funny. but even if he wasn't, i was prepared with two kinds of M&Ms and ritz crackers. we followed up that up with a diner lunch @ cafe coyote then we left. and i bawled like a baby. i'm so tired of saying goodbye to him. it's at least a two week haul for us this time around so i'll prob be blogging alot. sorry world but that's the price you pay.

*sorry there's no pics of the actual graduation or time with teryl [MIL] & the gang so look for that buizness on the book full of faces when i steal them from others.
this was LITERALLY 20 ft from our hotel
there was a hippie/pot festival thing here that weekend. i was so jealous i couldn't go on it.
our hotel courtyard - isn't it gorgeous? oh, and me striking a pose
eating chocolate covered bacon - naasstty. but he took a second bite - coming from the man who ate armadillo & dog
mini baby olive update: he is so active lately! it's prob the best thing about being pregnant so far; knowing the rumblings in your tummy aren't from the taco you had from the roach coach an hour ago but from the tiny human you created. second best thing? being and getting ENCOURAGED to be lazy. oh i could go on and on, but that's for the next pregnancy update. i just wish people could feel him- whenever i get some paws on my tummy, he clams up. so obviously he doesn't take after his diva-mama but his sometimes-shy father.
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Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

I want to go to SD someday. And bacon is good, chocolate is good but methinks not together. And isn't it so much fun feeling the baby move? I love it. Just wait till you actually see your belly move!

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