Tuesday, December 18, 2012

life as a vagabond

okay maybe the word vagabond is a tad drastic {person who wanders place to place without a home or job}. i am jobless but have a home - a wonderful home i absolutely love. but we are wanderings. now i'm not talking hard core wanderers. i know plenty of couples who have moved state to state, across country and literally have 10 boxes of stuff to their names. but wanderers none the less.

last night we settled on which house we want to rent in carson city and as i lay in bed having an anxiety attack thinking of everything we needed/that was going to change/our new life there for 5-6 months trying to fall asleep, i realized we've never really stayed someplace more then a year, ever since i left my mom's house.

back in 2007 when justin left on his mission, i moved to center street carson city and lived in apt 28 for a year.

then in apt 26 for a year.

yes i made this extra large- so you can see all the amazing things i thought important. like all the pics of justin.
my 2nd college apartment
after that i lived with my favorite sister for a few months in the SLC valley

then moved home with my mom and awaited my missionary and the big fat impending ring.

after we got married we lived on reno st for a year
our first married apartment - complete with our wedding flowers
then moved home to his mom's house awaiting our first carson adventure.

once in carson we lived with dead people in walls on valley st for 5 months [i was so excited- how naieve of me]

our carson apt- bc i couldn't bare to remember what it looks like side. imagine dead bodies & 70s carpet.
then moved back in with his mom for a few weeks

then into my friend's condo while they were gone all summer.

then we moved into my mom's house and out popped landon as we searched for a house

then moved into blue charming and created our first home.
notice the tupperware lids on the ground? that's what landon loves to play with
i don't normally have table settings up but i took these right before we had a dinner party with some friends
spare bedroom in all it's xmas present/office glory
who makes their bed all fancy for pics? not this gal. you're lucky the duvet is on the bed- usually its on the ground

and now we're off again! i am having major anxiety thinking of the doubles of things we'll need to bring [microwave, utensils, plates, cups, linens, beds, tables, sofa, tv, landon's toys] but at the same time, it's also nice to have new people and new experiences every so often. at least now we'll have a home to return to.
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Caitlin said...

I don't evny you. Well, part of me does I suppose. It would be a little nice to escape for a few months, but super stressful too I'm sure. Good luck with it puddle pie.

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