Friday, December 14, 2012

toddler update: 14 months & some change

*i wasn't going to another one of these until he hit 18 months but so much has changed i want to document it*
age: 14 months +

poundage: 26
while at 7-11 he ran and found the candy aisle and grabbed 2 suckers tight. i conceded to one and it made his day.

teethage: solid 7, 1 1/2 breaking though the surface and four more budletts on the way. and believe me, he uses them. he loves to cling to my legs while i'm cooking ignoring him and bite my legs/clothes. the other night he was biting me softly all over while i was singing to him and he took some skin off my chest! i was so mad! and now have a love bite that's not from justin.... never though that would happen.

always a bruise with this one
hair: FINALLY! i just dreamed of my baby having curly black hair like his daddy [or a cherubim] with brown eyes and dimples like his mom. i got a bald/blondish baby with blue eyes and a temper. i never thought his hair would come in but now it has and it's coming in strong. granted, it's still light so in pictures he looks bald. but it's in and frizzy in the back. and oh so sweet!

what landon can do: he can SMILE! and LAUGH! it's like the heavens opened and rained sprinkles on us. i have gone for so long with a little boy who rarely smiled and rarely showed emotion, he's turned into such a charmer! he likes to mimic us when we laugh. it's fake but sometimes it turns into real. and he'll chase his gf charlotte and try to hug her [she doesn't want anything to do with him], laughing all the way. it fills my heart so much to see him happy- why couldn't he have done this months and months earlier? i don't know what changed but it was like he flipped a switch. everyday now i just tell everyone how much i love this age, how i'm so glad he isn't a baby anymore. it's seriously the best!

helping daddy with his bike
he also can run pretty well now and he will. usually tripping in the process. he loves to take off all sorts of outlet plugs and plug things in. he loves taking lids off of anything [tupperware, pens, etc] then putting them back on. he can climb almost anything but getting down stairs are tricky. he can 'color', all while eating his crayons. he can now reach doorknobs and open the flat handled kind.

what landon loves: going outside, climbing on his car, throwing his diapers away, going on the counter to 'see his fishy' [when in reality, he really just wants up there so he can touch and mess with everything], he loves his oatmeal sensory box, playing in dirt, books! [esp his animal sound ones or ones with flips/twists/pulls]. oh and suckers. he will say "su! su! su!" when he just hears the word! yep i'm a bad mom.

what landon hates: getting in his carseat, eating anything [really- this kid does not like to eat. not even tons of snacks. the ONLY thing he will ALWAYS eat is his yogurt. but lately he hasn't been eating that either! really, he just doesn't eat consistently well. i don't know how he's so round bc he's not getting the food from me!], taking his afternoon nap, getting his head wet.

chillin like a villain
how he's sleeping: getting landon to sleep and stay asleep has always been a battle and it seems like we have a new one. he's like the flu- he just adapts to the new circumstances and grows stronger. now what he'll do is wake up screaming from his naps [normal] and want to be cuddled on my chest [that's nice!] but then fall back asleep ONLY on my chest. one time he even did it for two more hours [so a 3 hour nap! which was fantastic but hurt my back after holding him that long and i couldn't do anything those hours]. he often still wakes up during some  nights [think 4-6 just while we're still awake from 9-11]. i don't understand this kid. if he accidentally falls asleeps while i'm out running or doing something [think 20 min nap], he'll be recharged for the whole day and no go down for another 5 hours! it's really hard those days i'm exhausted- when do kids go down to one a day?? i really hope i doesn't come to that].

asleep on our morning runs
what he can say: landon, like his father in so many ways, can't really speak. his girlfriends can say some words so it's a tad disheartening but he's getting there. he said 'up'-- one time. thankfully i got it on video.

he's never said it since. he will make a 'fss' sound when he wants to go in the fish corner to play on the counter or 'pa' sound to go in the puzzle closet for some special toys. he knows his baby sign language [all done, milk, bath, more] but his food sign he will do now for when he wants something. like point to his mouth repeatedly then point to pen on the counter.

what we're working on: words! specially saying 'up' again or 'hi' or 'bye'. especially 'dada' or 'mama'. he can say mama but only when he's whining for something. we're also working on folding our arms [he's done it a handful of times] and giving kisses [same- and they're open mouthed! so cute!]

at the park
cutest thing in the whole world that he did: at zumba the other day he was particularly needy and driving me crazy. at the end our teachers do about 20 min of yoga and mediation. so once i go on the ground to mediate i feel landon sit down between my legs and try to pick up my feet and put them on him [a favorite of his]. then he lays back [so his head is in my lady business- bc i guess he feels left out for not coming out that way] and just lays in between my legs. for a while- it was hilarious! and oh so cute! personally, i was all sorts of nasty due to butt-sweat but he didn't seem to mind.

what we're not looking forward to: carson. it was really not that good of an experience last time and this time, i feel like it'll be that much harder with landon. he needs to constantly be stimulated with his toys/books or new experiences/people. and there's nothing to do in carson! and i don't know anyone! and we can't bring much up with us. and now i found out we have to go up two weeks earlier then we thought too! i really hope i can find some other young people there.
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Kari said...

I'm glad that Landon is smiling and laughing for you. It is the part that makes everything worth it. Also, don't worry about the talking, Ammon still isn't talking. Like at all. So Landon is ahead of him. It's common for boys.

He sure is getting big and turning into a cutie!

Caitlin said...

Oh what a little sweety. I agree, this age is so much fun! I love most every minute.

And that poor dudes eye! Man, boys are a whole different breed than girls. Abby is a little too careful when she walks.

Good luck in Carson. perhaps you'll be so bored, that we will write more. ;) jk.

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