Wednesday, December 12, 2012

life lately: birthdays, potatoes, and bra shots

life has been visiting mema's carnival at school with charlotte and always taking her for a ride. because chicks only like dudes with wheels and thankfully landon has several.
 it's been many lonely nights with mommy and watching too much television. it's been going on tractor rides with papa and still showing no emotion. like always. it's been going to the twilight premiere [at 8:30! what up?!] with my girlfriends for my birthday and glad i will never do a midnight premiere ever, ever again. it's been landon falling and running into everything. including a car seat which gave him a blackeye.
 it's been facetiming our favorite aunt devin and our cousin ayden [even though he really wasn't interested in us] and getting mommy's free car detail for her birthday.
 life has been getting beautiful birthday flowers from daddy, a fishy from uncle josh, and some delicious chocolate mouse [in chocolate cups] from a great friend. it's been playing at the park because all our friends have lives.
 life has been playing with our tossing game our aunt meghan got us for landon's birthday. it's been reading on top of mommy's tummy....because those few inches really give him perspective. it's been chasing birds at the park.
 life has been more and more early mornings and mommy trying to figure out how to get him to sleep past 6am. it's an endless amount of potatoes for thanksgiving and hoping i never have to make more again. it's playing with mema but more importantly the puppies. it's a grumpy boy and a bra shot of mommy. you're welcome world.

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1 comment:

Caitlin said...

Is that your new car in the picture? I guess obviously if you got it detailed. I love it. So nice and big!

As always, love the post!

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