Saturday, December 8, 2012

turn off the boob tube & read: 19 minutes

i had some time to kill in between book club books [actually i was prolonging the evil that is 'gone with the wind'] and read this jodi picoult. now she's not an author known for her censorship, so mormons beware. but they're always great stories with just enough scandal to keep you titillated [snicker snicker].

nineteen minutes is about a school shooting a la columbine. it follows the story of the boy who did the shooting who was bullied his whole life in extreme and traumatic ways and the girl he grew up with but drifted apart from during the teenage years. there's a huge twist at the end [please ask me to tell you! i love spoiling things!] and it features the same lawyer found in this book.

what i loved about this book is the flawed characters and how accurate some things were- about the high school hierarchy and how lonely it could be. what i didn't like about this book is how cruel the kids were. maybe i was sheltered but i couldn't see actual people being that evil to someone else [ex: depantings, undies and all, of the boy in the school cafeteria]. kids are means but were they that mean? if so that breaks my heart. everyone gets hurt in high school- being called names, put in horrible positions, being scorned by friends/crushes but that's apart of life. i kept wanting to help the shooter realize that there is a HUGE life outside of high school for people who don't fit in. seriously, high school was the worst considering how awesome college was and how amazing life is now.

so a great read but there is some language and sexual stuff but jodi picoult hardly fails me with great drama.

and let's hope i don't drown my library book in hopes i can drown scarlett ohara. she's seriously the worst.
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