Wednesday, December 5, 2012

life lately: turkey time

this life hasn't been lately due to my bustling life and busy schedule [hey! stop laughing!]. but it's my life none the less. life has been playing with favorite aunt shannon with the puppies outside. it's been thanksgiving dinner that a little boy didn't like [in all fairness, he doesn't like any type of food. he's more of a rock/dirt kind of guy]. it's been spending time with the famdamily and loving this thanksgiving better then last [when i literally didn't change landon's diaper all day-- and he leaked all over me at night. oh and his endless screaming... that sucked]. 
 life has been hanging with my family and killing it on the dance floor [sorry anya, there is no family in dance] then not spending time with them at the movie theatre. it's been cleaning out our new car and landon playing with his car seat, which he normally loathes. it's my snuggle bunny loving on his mama and hanging onto every second, hoping it's not the last time i get to rock him to sleep.
 it's landon learning how to ride a bike [i'd push him around- his feet didn't even touch the wheel but he loved it....not that the photo says that]. it's putting our tree up with it super crowded up top [justin has a BAZILLION ornaments!] with a few, non-breakable ones on the bottom for landon to play with]. it's getting bajazzled by my favorite niece and her making us nerd glasses for our semi-girls night.
 it's landon wearing a 24 month old shirt that fits like a 9-12 month- courtesy of grandpa from may 2011. it's landon climbing into grandma's toy box and the kids finding it hilarious enough to take a picture...or a thousand. then pushing him around in the tub and wondering why he doesn't like it.
 life has been cuddly as landon has started sitting in his puppy chair, pulling up a blanket and reading his heart out. it's many, many play dates with charlotte and laughing at themselves over who knows what. it's kicking back like a stud and loving every minute i get to be with my little boy.
 it's playing with the fishy [or as landon calls it "fssfssfss" but really wanting to go in the cabinets next to the fish and throwing things in the tank. it's a lot of early mornings and veggie out to pbs kids. it's oinking mint m&ms without justin knowing then accidentally closing my computer [with some inside] when he walks in....only to find melted chocolate in my keys later. it's been a 3 hour nap [unheard of!] where i held landon for 2 of those hours. sigh...the life.

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KinderTeach said...

Sounds like a pretty good life.

Caitlin said...

Hahahaha. Sneaking mint M&M's. Classic Mel.

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