Monday, December 3, 2012

melissa & the big bad blog

oh my gosh, i almost died this morning. i saw the funniest thing on 'arthur'. granted, i've been a fan for ages but this time, they just topped the cake on my expectations. muffy got a blog! here's a quote from the episode:

mr. ratburn: you can't blog in class! and you need to do other things in life then blog. 
muffy: that's true! if i don't do other things, i won't have anything to blog about!

justin says this all the time to me. 'you only want to take a picture so you can put it on your blog' or 'i don't want to go to . you only want to go so you can blog about it'. he just gets me. but i'm constantly in fear of doing this. let hope i keep my narcissistic/pessimistic attitude and sassy pants for many, many years to come. 

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Caitlin said...

Hahahaha! That is the only reason why I do a lot of things, so I can have something to blog about. (or instagram for fb about)

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