Thursday, November 29, 2012

mel's meanderings: working in groups

welcome to another episode of mel's meanderings: where i go all crotchety and cranky- and you eagerly embrace my inner andy rooney. it's wonderful really. 

remember in school when you'd have to do group projects? in elementary or junior high, you couldn't wait to work with your friends- sounded like such a cool idea! until you got to high school and really wanted a good grade and no one else wanted to do any work? story of my life people. i hate hate hated group projects. i can't tell you how many a's i've gotten people- you're welcome! i'm the bossy overachiever in groups who'd tattle to the teacher [only sometimes....really] when someone wasn't pulling their weight. group projects were just the worst. even in college, i didn't understand what our teachers were trying to teach us with this. didn't they realize it benefits no one but you [having to grade less projects]? selfish selfish teachers.

so now i'm gainfully unemployed and loving it- i'm done with teamwork [if you don't call parenting teamwork. which i don't. more like partnering life sentences]. i'm the queen of my domain and i call the shots.

except when you have a church calling.

i love the church and i'm the whole mormon package but man, sometimes these callings will make you want to poke your eyeballs out with a fork. my mom taught me that you don't decline a calling [fine with me. i can handle primary for a year] but sometimes it's physically impossible to do it all  yourself like you did once upon a time in groups.

now this is a hypothetical scenario. purely fiction. but say there's this girl- beautiful. awesome. giant boobies. she's great. and she's in charge of the ward christmas party which was something that terrified her [read my last post??] but excited her as well! this girl is quite the leader and loves to boss people around. she assembled a bang up group of gals with whom she all knew so no problems in sight. everyone seemed so excited to help. then they didn't. well, one didn't. then completely failed two weeks in a row to do simple things. the same week the said wonderful girl was not only called up to speak in sacrament, teach 5 year olds, then lead music and play the piano in primary- all while wrangling a toddler.

seriously people, we are not in school anymore. this is real life- buck up and DO what you say you will. honestly, i respect people more who tell me honestly what they can/can't do then those that promise big then disappoint. sorry mom, but i think if i get called to do the ward christmas party again i'll decline. people are selfish with their time and talents- one person can not do it all. so stop expecting me to.

ehh.... stop expecting that awesome girl who isn't me to do.
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