Monday, November 26, 2012

embrace the terror

i live by something that may seem peculiar but has proved to be quite amazing. i believe that you should regularly do something that terrifies you. not only does it keep your heart healthy from adrenaline but it teaches you to go outside our comfort zone and not get stuck in a rut.

typically i like to try a new recipe, especially with some new ingredient i've yet to try [which lets be honest, i have a very limited pallet. this week i've have a delicious wild rice soup with artichoke hearts in it...] and last week i tried zumba for the first time [so much fun! i am seriously so ridiculously uncoordinated though. and my butt sweat an awful AWFUL amount. that happen to anyone else?]. sometimes i'll put myself out there and try talking to someone new and inviting them to do something or i'll go exploring a new place.

today i did something extremely terrifying to me- i conducted singing time in primary [insert shriek here]. i have been teaching the ctr 5 class for a while, taught primary in the past and have even conducted music in relief society but nothing quite prepares you for singing time. i volunteered for a friend who was going out of town because i'm also in charge of the ward christmas party and we wanted the primary to sing a new song in two weeks.

as you all now, i'm really one to shy away from the limelight [cough...cough] but standing in front of 30 curious eyes with 5 strict primary leaders in the back and 5 bored ones in the audience just terrified me. luckily LOTS of people were gone....unfortunately that included the pianist. luckily my mother put me in lessons for years and years....unfortunately i didn't pay attention that good. granted, i've got the hymns down but not so much the children's book. i ended up playing music for primary then did double duty during singing time and got the kids to learn the whole song in 20 minutes! go me!

oh, did i mention i got called out in sacrament meeting? i did. some speakers were MIA and my mother was there [hence why my bishop called me.... mom you are hereby banned from our ward] so i got called up to share my testimony- another terrifying moment! go me!

now that i've done that, here are a couple other things that terrify me that i want to do one day:
- bungee jump
- skydive too while i'm at it
- learn to grill, on a real grill. not mr. foreman's.
- go back to school for my masters
- have another kid
- then have 2 more after that
- cook a turkey by myself
- travel.... london, paris, italty, switzerland, hawaii, africa, china
- run anything longer then a 5k
- write something of worth
- ride a mechanical bull
- coach lacrosse again
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Caitlin said...

Girl, you're a superstar! I seriously could never be primary chorister. 2nd counselor is bad enough! And to do double duty? Wow. Good job pooks. Good job.

Anna Campbell said...

I want to skydive, bungee jump and ride a bull with you.

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