Tuesday, January 11, 2011

there's no place like homeless

lately, i've been walking around singing homeless- because i am. we had been planning on buying a house last fall but when we found out about justin's internship we had to put those plans on pause. our lease on our apt was up at the end of december and we weren't leaving for carson until february--thus we are homeless for a month. well, technically not HOMEless- justin's mom let us move in there for a couple weeks, which is so generous and unbelievably kind of her, but hard for us [and prob them too] at the same time. like my bff rory, i like to make lists
reasons why it's great to live with the in-laws
-no cooking
-no cleaning
-no bills
-a home
reasons why it sucks to live with the in-laws
-all your stuff [my wonderful stuff! this cartoon speaks of my soul...] packed away
 -things get lost [where's our white bathrobe? my grey cardigan?]
-no cooking or baking!
-no walking around naked
-no cleaning [which turns out to be a great stress relief]
-awkward moments
-men turn back into boys [the same thing happens when i visit my mom's]
*for full list of complaints, join mel's pity-party

so here i sit at work, counting the hours until i can 86 this place like a bad date. we've been living with the in-laws for 15 days now and have 21 days until we move. i can hardly wait. here's another list for ya:

things i'm planing on doing once we move to carson
visit this place
read alot of these
watch all seasons of this
do some of this
read: cat naps
go swimming here
lake tahoe
go on tours here
lose some of these
don't i wish i just had that much to lose? that's just skin!
by doing more of this
and finally visit our future home
(for some reason, justin & i decided in hs that ashland was the ideal place for us- it has a shakespeare festival once a year, it's close to a temple [medford], it has weather & greenery, and it's our future home. hopefully it lives up to all that we hope it to be.)

thankfully at the end of the internship, justin & i both have jobs waiting for us in vegas- which we are so grateful for. but justin is still hoping for an alternate plan....an internship with the state department in a foreign country. long shot? yes. awesome adventure? a bazillion-times yes.

sigh....21 days....21 days....21 days.....21 days.....let's just hope i don't lose my mind until then....
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KinderTeach said...

So where do I join the pity party.
So it is shorter to go to Ashland than to get to Vegas, that is very sad. You'll have to take lots of pictures.

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