Thursday, December 20, 2012

this week: how can i be this busy with no job?

this week

i almost single handedly planned and executed a ward christmas party and had several anxiety attacks along the way. and have learned how much i still hate working with others. because no one does as good of a job as i do [take that justin's second wife if i die].

we attended the annul harrison ornament exchange and landon made it through with only one bruise [fell down a stair onto tile] and some awesome ornaments.

we are having our house replumbed and get to stay in a suite at the marriott. so basically the nicest place i've ever stayed. and it's free. [it's our 'trip' for our sparkelversary! (okokok, third is traditionally leather but i'd prefer the modern one that's crystal/glass)]

landon is going to stay with his mema overnight for three days [we've only done it once before] and i'm having all sorts of fits about it. i am one of those overbearing mothers.

justin & i are going to party it up at night by going to see 'the hobbit' [hopefully], go up to mtn charleston for a romantic dinner and get it on in a hotel [pelvic thrust! sorry people but it's what you do in hotels].

so naturally with all of these amazing things going on, i won't have time to blog. so miss me world and know that 'grown-ups come back' [said in a sing-songy voice. a daniel tiger original].
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