Monday, December 24, 2012

staycation & (early) sparkelversary

whew! what a week! i am SO excited to finally be home, snuggling with my own blankets and pooing in my own pot [just being honest]. landon was so excited too, we even let him stay up 30 minutes later. last week our house got replumbed as part of a HUGE countrywide settlement. because landon had a 'medical condition' we were able to get a hotel. thankfully landon's mema & aunt lyns took our baby bear at night so we could stay in a suite at a marriott resort. it was my first real night away from landon [this summer i was away for 12 hours but i don't think it counts] and we did four in a row and man was it nice! seriously, i slept in til 7am, one day til 8am! but i've learned that i can no longer sleep til 10am. plus staying out late was pretty fantastic.

we were able to stay in a suite that was pretty spiffy. we had a foyer/entry-way, a wetbar, a couch & seating area, a king bed [so much space!], a balcony, walk in closet and a HUGE bathroom- bigger then my master bedroom! i never wanted to leave.

landon did okay without us. he definitely helped aunt lyns and uncle skyler realize they wanted to wait to have kids! he is literally into everything and never settles down. he won't sit and watch a show or play with a single toy. he is go-go-go all the time. he's so much fun but exhausting, esp when his days always start around 6am. some of his favorite things at mema's: snuggling and trying to hug the puppies, stacking the cans from the pantry, playing with his boat in the bathtub and eating all the snacks!

fluffy's life was called into
question during the trip
[someone forgot to feed him
for the 5 days] but here's proof:
he's still alive.
mommy did okay without landon. i only had one sad dream that made me feel guilty for leaving him, but every morning i was gunning to see my angel baby! some of my favorite things at the hotel: valet parking, not making bed/cleaning up, my giant HOT TUB, going out at night like a single gal [including seeing 'the hobbit'] and celebrating our sparkelversary at the cheesecake factory [i'm still trying to digest the delicious chocolate cake].

now that i know how nice it is to be kid-free, i'm going to be dreaming about our next vacation. hopefully i can even leave him completely alone for more then 24 hours [i still had him during the day]. but i doubt it, i'm pretty attached to this kid.

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