Saturday, January 9, 2016

new year - a fatter me

i love making resolutions. i love making goals and i love sharing them with you!
in all, i did pretty good! i am fatter but i did have a baby so double jeopardy. i went to the gym a lot more this year but i have a long way to go. didn't go to the temple as much or read any self-help books. i do rock when it comes to journal keeping. all three boys have their own journals and i also keep up on mine. plus my blog but that's been severely ignored. hobby hasn't come yet unless you count cleaning the house as a hobby. which i don't. killer vacation didn't happen either. griffin, way to bum out the year. just kidding! this year has been fantastic and went a completely different way then i thought.

2015 highlights
- justin got a new job
- got pregnant
- went to disneyland by myself and two boys. pregnant.
- sold our house
- bought a bigger house!
- had a baby
- lost my mind but got some zoloft. so it's all good.

anywho i read this great article from the ensign and it really inspired me. i'm ready to kick off this year and make some positive changes.

1- monthly temple trips. i made this a goal a few years ago and it was a challenge, and that's when i had my mother to babysit. my friends and i had a really uplifting temple lesson from relief society and we've agreed to trade off babysitting to make it happen. i'm super jazzed! i love the temple.
2- weekly dates. it's hard to get out without kids. and even more so, and even more so, hard to spend time together without a screen.
3- run a 5k. i'm trying to get back in shape. i realize a 5k isn't that far but i'm not a runner. to me, a 5k is worth bragging about. and i mean RUN- the entire thing, in a good amount of time.
4- save money. since moving into our new home, we haven't caught up yet. building back our savings is a priority! budget time!
5- play the piano weekly. i'm no mozart but i enjoy playing and singing. it brings a great spirit into my home and my kids love it. when they're not trampling me and ruining my jam.
6- do a yearlong mom interview. for my mom's christmas gift NEXT year and for a gift to give her kids next year, i'm helping her write her life's history. each week i'm going to try to sit down and get her to open up about her life. honestly how much do you know about your parents? when we cleaned out my mom's house i found a binder of letters she wrote to my granddad and i loved reading them.
7- serve someone weekly. particularly babysitting. i have a new friend in my ward who has no family, works full time and her husband is out of town a lot. i can totally sympathize! helping her once a week by watching her kids is a huge help to her and also helps me because my kids are a bunch better when friends are over. it's a win-win-win!
8- couple home evenings. reading an article together once a week to help us improve our relationship.
9- do better at reading scriptures together as a family. including a scripture to ponderize once a week.
10- make family home evening a priority.

this year has been one of many, many blessings. and for the record, i'm pretty great at my goals. one friend recently told me i had too many resolutions and i wasn't going to keep them. reminds me of a time my family told me in 7th grade i wouldn't marry the boy who didn't know my name. watch out world! melissa is coming for you!
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KinderTeach said...

That's true, we never thought your 7th grade stalking crush would actually turn into anything. Guess the signed photo of Sailor you got for a present was a joke on us huh?
I think Porterhouses goals should include biting too! Little shark likes him some meat.
Mom will love the present and good luck with getting the stories out of her

Kari said...

Fantastic list! I'm impressed with your dedication. And I hope this year is as good as last - if not slightly less chaotic ;)

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