Wednesday, December 30, 2015

christmas letter

 I sent this letter out with griffin's birth announcement in august. i've updated it at the end in a different color. and these pictures aren't from the year but justin's phone. i'm much too lazy to compile pics from the year. 
Christmas [letter] is coming early this year!
notice: porter trying to hit the ball with the t backwards, landon was in trouble and griffin couldn't resist, all aboad the mommy train- my kid's favorite game, landon's drawing of santa and porter helping daddy build us a new table.
This year has been one full of changes for the Harrison family! In January, Justin accepted a job with the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce as the Director of Government Affairs. That meant Melissa and the boys didn’t have to move to Carson City for the legislative session [hurray!]. It also meant that Justin would be away from the family for four months [boo!!]. Justin travelled back and forth to Carson where he testified on several bills, which basically makes him a rock star in the government circle. While he was gone, Landon took a soccer class [taught by Coach Mommy], swimming lessons, and finished his first year of preschool. Melissa and the boys also went on a vacation to Disneyland with her friend. It was quite the chaotic adventure but fun was had by all! Landon’s favorite ride was Star Tours, Porter enjoyed the parade, and Melissa loved the chocolate-coated rice krispie treats.
poor porter, always busting his face up. the boy's eating their disneyland darth vader cookie.
While Justin was gone in Carson City, he had found a house that they loved but had doubts that it would still be on the market when he got home. Much to our surprise, it was still available in June. On a Monday we put in an offer and got it accepted on Tuesday morning. Wednesday our current house was on the market. We got an offer on Thursday and had it sold by Friday. Talk about a whirlwind week! July was spent boxing up our house and getting everything in order to sell our old home and buy our new one. We closed on our old house at the end of July and a few days later, closed on our new one. Our new home was built in 1980 and needs a lot of work [which Justin and the boys are excited to do!]. It’s on a half acre with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms- so we are hoping this will be our forever home.

Two weeks after we moved into our new home, Griffin Robert Harrison was born. He got his middle name from Justin’s maternal grandpa and his first name after Melissa lost a coin toss [She wanted Brock]. Griffin has been such an easy baby and his big brothers are extremely eager to love and hold him.

Landon is starting his final year of preschool. He loves legos, being outside, and doing anything with friends. He’s a very social boy who loves to talk. He also loves being a big brother and is always very excited to help out.

Porter is starting to show his personality more and more each day. He is a very affectionate mama’s boy and looks exactly like his Grandpa Dave. He is starting to communicate more [some words he can say include cheese, cracker, tractor, hold, and cookie]. He loves throwing [while saying ‘ready, set, go!’], animals, and eating ALL THE TIME.
ugh pregnancy is the worst. so glad that's over.
Melissa has basically no life outside of her children and she’s 100% okay with that. When she’s not wiping butts or feeding children, she can be found reading in the bathtub with a Coke Slurpee. She recently served as a Relief Society teacher, enrichment committee chairman, Relief Society pianist, and visiting teaching coordinator.

Justin has been extremely busy at his new job. When he’s not attending meetings, he’s serving on various committees. When he’s not being a superstar at work, he’s saving the day at home. The boys love to help Daddy outside on projects and go on daddy-dates to the man store [Home Depot]. He hasn’t been able to golf much this year and would appreciate your sincerest condolences.
landon took that bottom right picture. and i now realize i only wear one shirt all the time. it's a good shirt.
We feel incredibly blessed this year and are excited to see what adventures await us as a new family of five!

Justin, Melissa, Landon, Porter, & Griffin
 Since moving into our house, we've worked on some projects, although it doesn't look that different. justin and his dad cut down half of our trees [20/42!!], organized and set up the garage, and cleaned up the yard. there's a lot to do still and we're excited to tackle it all. justin is working on building us a new, extra large dining room table. he is serving as a sunday school teacher and is enjoying cheering on the rebels. melissa is now serving in the primary presidency and is working hard to get back into shape. landon loves preschool and his weekly sport's class. he can't wait to start t-ball in the new year. porter is talking so much and has become our sour patch kid [super sweet then super sour]. he loves to mimic his brother- the good and the bad. griffin is a chunky little monkey who is extremely easy. he is very sweet and loves to smile at mama. we are loving life and can't wait for no-baby 2016!

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KinderTeach said...

Porterhouse will become your favorite kid after he leaves the house. Second children are the best, after they are grown. As for no baby, keep praying for that because we both know babies are a comin

Caitlin said...

HAHAHA!! That last picture of Porter glaring at Landon as he does his house is my favorite.

Jayne Harrison said...

I missed getting your letter this year. Glad I could read it online. Love all of you and miss you like crazy.

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