Sunday, December 27, 2015

life lately: moo-tastic times with my boys

life lately has been moo-tastic. landon had his first preschool field trip to anderson dairy. it was hectic with three kids but such a blast. the ice cream is always the biggest hit. it's also been the cutest little mini-justin you ever did see. this picture inspired me to make justin's christmas gift. i put all three boys in justin's outfits and framed it for his work. because his office would make death himself sad.
life has been goofy boys who make my life so full. seriously porter in the shower? eat your heart out. it's been loving grandpa's tractor parked at our house [our home is a boy heaven]. thankfully we have plastic gloves to keep our hands warm. but our throats can be cold. because slurpees are always in style.
lately we've been enjoying some quality dad time. except at church- where mom took all three kids to stake conference solo, sat in the back and wanted to strangle her kids. but luckily porter had his tie on. dad builds the best fires and we love keeping warm by the fire. we also love riding the tractor with uncle josh in the rain.
life has been squishy. i mean, look at those cheeks. griffin, you are the greatest. i love you so much! it's been rides on a fire truck and a fun play date with our main girl taylor. and it's been a safe afternoon with office porter in charge.
lastly, life has been spent on the floor. griffin does not like tummy time, as most kids don't. but this kid will. not. roll. but luckily he will smile at me when he sleeps. be still my heart. but there's another little boy who does not smile at me while he sleeps. but im my defense, i finally figured out how to get them to bed. no nap for landon, he goes to bed alone at 7pm. griffin takes a nap and goes to bed at 8pm after landon is alseep. easy peasy lemon squeezy. i'm a much happier mom.

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KinderTeach said...

You do have the cutest three little boogers. I love when I get texts from my suited up Landon and even Porterhouse is starting to smile at me. He doesn't know I am the bestest aunt yet. He will though. It'll be a few years until I have to worry about Griffin. All of them are little Justin's, although L has your humor pretty down.

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