Wednesday, December 9, 2015

life lately: my sour patch kids

lately i've felt like i'm drowning. all the time. i just can't catch up and i can't get on top of things. anyone else? maybe it's some post partum stuff sneaking past my happy pills but 3 kids is tough. having your husband around is tough. but i've come to find out that most of my friends' husbands aren't around so we're all in the boat together, crying, eating our feelings. anywho i made this calm down jar for my angry child. and he proceeded to break it. then there's my sour patch kid- who will be super SOUR then super SWEET the next second. i love these kids and they are my world, but they really make me work for my money. life lately has been landon accidentally taking this hilarious selfie and learning the ropes of lacrosse. it's in his genes.
life has been exhausting. church at 11am is kicking our trash. and my kid's apparently. landon often falls asleep at church, sometimes in the pew or even in class. it's quite hilarious. it's been dinners with taylor and the kids mesmerized by tangled and a crafty husband who redid my mom's hope chest. life is so full. and that's why it's important to just sit and smell the dirt on the swing justin stained and installed for me.
life has been moments of joy to go along with the madness. sunlight on a chilly day with my little bear boy. playing at the thomas exhibit. making dinner and all three boys not screaming- it was quite magical. like a unicorn.
 lately we've been getting into the christmas spirit. jack delivered our magical christmas seed on december 1st and we planted it right away. landon got to plant it and porter poured water that was no where near the seed. landon was obviously thrilled. it was quite magical seeing as how it grew in one whole day which apparently was too long for landon. his mom is quite the awesome one too bc she put lights up in his room [thank you hot glue gun].
 lastly, life has been surprising. bedtime is not always the funnest but finding how porter fell asleep that night is always pretty entertaining. griffin has been growing like a weed and it's taken a lot out of a guy. he has got rolls for days and i love it. and lastly this picture did not turn out and i am too lazy to fix it. my two boys often fall asleep in the same bed and it's adorable. but just imagine it because i'm not going to fix it.
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KinderTeach said...

I feel like I'm drowning every day and I have neither the husband or the kids. Keep going sister, one day it'll be your grandkids you are watching and laughing at your kids and their "problems". If all else fails, call me and I'll tell you that sucks and tell you I love you even if Porterhouse bites a kid and looks up at you with the sweetest grin.

Caitlin said...

That grin of porter's really melts my heart. what an adorable little boy. all 3 of your boys are just so handsome!! you really give me hope for having 3 kids. i mean, i know you say you feel like you're drowning, but you are also doing fun things which means you still can have some normalcy right?

Kari said...

Life is so full! Your boys are beautiful and so are you. I love reading about it all and glad to hear I'm not the only one that feels like craziness is my existence, and I'm ABOUT to have 3 kids.

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