Friday, December 4, 2015

a few of my favorite things: baby it's cold outside

so long flip flops, hello toms. because that's as winter as it gets here in vegas. yeah, it gets a bit chilly but mostly the wind is what kills me. i can handle cold. i can handle coats. i can't handle wind that makes being outside unbearable. that being said, i am thankful for some sort of weather. justin has some family that live in florida and they are currently enjoying some swimming to go with their turkey feast. as much as i love the pool, i like having a change of weather every once in a while. here are some things i'm enjoying as the weather turns chilly.

my fireplace
our last home had a gas fireplace and we didn't turn it on once. we have a wood burning one a our new house and it is fantastic! not only does it warm up our home but it makes nights so cozy. and we're not for want in the wood department [TWSS].
*update* one night justin made a big fire and the glass on the front exploded. so....yeah.

old navy long johns
as sexy as my jammies have known to be, these really take the cake. very comfy and cute.
the top pic is a rocketship and the bottom is a note that says 'i love mom, porter and griffin love landon'
landon's drawings
he has never been into coloring but now at the ripe age of 4 he is all about crafts. he'll often grab some scissors, paper, paper bags, stickers, whatever i haven't put away from him, and he'll make me the coolest creations. tool holders, dinosaur habitats, and what not. i especially love it when he draws pictures of our family.

star wars
i'm a fan- not a super fan. i've seen the movies and enjoy reading about them but i'm no crazy. i am very excited for the movie though. thanksgiving night justin suggested to watch all the movies with me [a HUGE deal because he is not a movie fan. or a sci-fi fan]. landon loves reading the lego books and dressing up. makes me excited to be a boy's mom. speaking of that...

cub scouts
i recently got called to be a counselor in primary and i'm over scouts. wah-wahhh. i've never been in primary before but i was excited to serve. not so much when it comes to scouts. i know absolutly nothing about scouting so it's been a bit of a learning process. then i went to pack meeting and i was absolutly entralled! it was so much fun and the boys had a great time. it was the first time i was super thrilled to be a boy's mom. take that activity days!

chocolate cheerios
who doesn't love breakfast? i sure do! i usually eat a steady rotation of oatmeal squares - cream of wheat - cheerios - oatmeal. at costco this last time i thought i'd give the kids a treat cereal and man is it delicious! yum yum! sadly they don't fill you up quite like oatmeal does.

fitbit charge HR
i tried the standard fitbit over a year ago and was underwhelmed. i felt like it wasn't very accurate and it didn't inspire me to be more active. i knew they were unveiling a heart rate model and i was game for that one. i found one on sale on black friday and i am hooked! i like the clock feature. it'll tell me if i'm getting a phone call [which is nice when i leave my phone on the other side of the house and often miss calls]. pretty snazzy.
christmas cheer

i mean, who doesn't love christmas? but with kids? it's just plain magical! i love what our elf thinks of, i love the holiday cheer and decorations around the house. the treats aren't too bad either. i love talking about the savior and seeing social media flooded with christ.

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KinderTeach said...

I love the magic Christmas tree seed too. I'm sad you're the only one who does it.
L is getting so ready for Kindergarten. His teacher is going to love him

Caitlin said...

These are some great favorites! I would love to have a wood burning stove in my house. How cozy!! And i love landons drawings. Abby makes me happy when she does stuff like that too.

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