Tuesday, November 24, 2015

baby update: rolley polley olley

monthage: 3

poundage: 14

teethage: 0 - thank goodness

what griffin can do: not a whole lot! babies are quite boring but i like boring. he has rolled over once or twice which is fun. he smiling and laughing which makes it all worth it, especially since the complete exhaustion has set in. he has the cutest rolls on his legs and tushy. not that has anything to do with what he can do, i just think its worth mentioning. he's the cutest.

what griffin loves: me! he is so sweet and just stares at me. he also loves landon and will laugh for him like no else. he loves being held like most babies. he likes it when i sing and his binkie. he loves getting changed and being naked! oh how he loves being naked! bath time is a hit and he's got himself some ticklish thighs. speaking of which, this dude is my chunkiest baby! i love it! when his diaper is off, he's got rolls for days- like 4 per side. its the cutest thing in the world. he's liking his bumbo and so do i! landon asked to bring it out the other day and i told him griffin was too small but i'd let him try. whelp was i wrong.

what griffin hates: his car seat- poor guy is always on the go. he isn't a fan of his brother's constant pestering. he doesn't like not being held. he doesn't like getting un-swaddled.

how he is sleeping: we're still on four feedings a night and i am so dead tired. i still spend most of my night sleep-nursing in the chair which is not the most comfortable. hopefully he'll start going longer soon.

how he's pooping: every few days like a normal breastfed baby. he got a yeast infection last week which was sad because every time he peed it hurt. we're still dealing with some residual body issues from birth. got some ultrasounds and now it's just a waiting game.

what we're working on: rolling. holding his head up. sitting up. sleeping longer. reciting the constitution. normal baby stuff.

what we're looking forward to: going to the gym. well, i'm looking forward to this. griffin, probably not as much. mommy's birthday. christmas. the end of the year festivities are fun!
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KinderTeach said...

Good luck going to the gym with that piranha kid you have. Luckily the kid is cute. I love Griffins face in the one with the boys as pirates. I think he is cursing you out in that one. Love the boys, can't wait to see them and apparently have a bed mate. I still think you should push the Harley bedmate!!

Caitlin said...

I don't see Griffin pictures enough. He is so cute!! But 4 nursings a night is so rough!! I hope he starts sleeping better soon!!

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