Thursday, November 19, 2015

all hallow's eve

halloween was a bit more low-key this year then last. three kids really are a handful. you know that jim gaffigan quote?

it's the truth people. truth. i feel like i am constantly drowning, trying to keep afloat. but i'm happy as one can be in the water! really, my kids are wonderful and i love life. especially when i'm caffinated.

that being said, we've got a lot going on around here. selling my parent's house, cutting down giant pine trees and hauling them away, callings & babies & classes & cleaning & butt wiping. really, i feel awfully overwhelmed some days. goodness, isn't this a post about halloween and here i am whining about life?

landon has a party at his preschool with his friends where they painted a pumpkin. he was so excited to dress up as a police officer and arrest his friends. at the community center he dressed up as a pirate and porter was a batman. that one is a blast because it really caters to young kids. friday we had a playgroup with our friends at the church and ate some goodies. on halloween we visited mema and her neighbors then peanut and his neighborhood. a lot of mothers i've talked to about trick or treating remarked that they believed it wasn't safe anymore to go house to house. i call bull. if parents walk around their own neighborhood or to people they know, it's perfectly safe. we had dinner with the irelands and then the boys took the kids around their neighborhood. i had so much fun handing out candy. growing up we never had trick or treaters [being out in the boondocks] and we never went to trunk or treat. my mom would buy us a bag of candy to enjoy - not the same. so i really love handing out candy and seeing the happy faces of the kids.

i love holidays with kids - it really does make life so much more fun. i'm excited for thanksgiving and christmas!
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KinderTeach said...

Too bad you aren't coming to our three food Thanksgiving.

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